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17 brilliant storage systems that make even a small bathroom stylish and functional

Perhaps every hostess is pleased when cleanliness reigns everywhere in the house. And the bathroom is no exception. Only those who have this room of tiny sizes often complain that it is simply impossible to restore order due to the huge number of tubes and jars.

Nevertheless, we have assembled 17 brilliant storage systems that will make even a small bathroom stylish and functional.

1. Textile organizer

Homemade organizer.

A small textile organizer fits perfectly into the interior of even a tiny bath and is suitable for storing various small things like scourers, combs, brushes, creams and bottles with various means for the shower. Homemade organizers made of colored terry towels or bright fabrics look very cute, but from the point of view of practicality, models made of raincoats and oilcloths are best.

2. Added shelf

Wooden additional shelf.

Added shelf, which is a wooden frame without a back wall and a few small cells. Shelf can be installed against the wall, on the side of the washing machine or pedestal, and the cells can be used to store a toilet brush, toilet rolls, air freshener, soap, or any other trifles.

3. Pull-out basket

Retractable laundry basket.

A laundry basket installed in a special sliding cabinet will make the bathroom tidy and help save some space.

4. Niche

Baskets in a niche.

Baskets in a narrow niche is an interesting, but larger-scale idea that should be implemented during the repair phase. Such an idea will allow to equip a sufficiently capacious storage system in the bath, which will save you from buying additional lockers and pedestals.

5. Mobile stand

Narrow cabinet on wheels.

A narrow pedestal on wheels with sliding cabinets and an open shelf is what you need to save space in a small bathroom.

6. Shelves of pallets

Shelves of construction pallets.

One single pallet can be turned into a pair of original shelves, one of which is suitable for storing a hairdryer, ironing, combs and other styling products, and the other for jars with toothbrushes, sponges and ear sticks.

7. Original shelf

Original homemade shelf.

The unusual shelf, which can be made of wooden boards, metal clips and small glass jars, is suitable for storing toothbrushes, cotton pads, makeup brushes, hair elastics and other trinkets. Such a shelf will not take up too much space and will perfectly fit into a bath designed in the style of country, rustic, eco or shebby-chic.

8. Hinged shelf

Hinged metal shelf.

Ergonomic and functional wall shelf, which can be fixed above the toilet bowl and used for storing toilet rolls, air freshener, newspapers and other toiletries.

9. Round shelves

Round shelves for towels.

Round shelves look very stylish and presentable. Such storage systems can be purchased or do-it-yourself from plywood, metal, or heavy cardboard.

10. Cells

Sliding cabinet with cells.

A sliding cabinet equipped with special cells for separate storage of styling products, cosmetics, hairbrushes and other things would be an excellent acquisition for any bath, regardless of its size.

11. Order inside the cabinet

Storage organization inside the locker.

There are many penny fixtures that can help clean up the lockers. For example, small plastic containers, vertical holders, roof rails and mini-shelves will help decompose the mass of the necessary details.

12. Dresser for cosmetics

Mini dresser for cosmetics.

An elegant mini-chest of drawers that can be installed on a washing machine and used for storing cosmetics, brushes, combs, tubes of creams and other girlish things.

13. Turning stand

Small spinning stand.

Rotating coasters are great for organizing storage inside cabinets. In it you can put a lot of care products and household accessories, which later can be easily reached by rotating the stand.

14. Screen with shelves

Screen under the bath with shelves.

A bath screen with shelves is a very modern and practical way to hide pipes and get a hidden storage system.

15. Plastic buckets

Suspended plastic buckets.

Decorate the cheap plastic buckets with simple drawings, attach to the wall and use for storing hairbrushes, toothbrushes and other necessary things.

16. Corner shelving

Bright corner rack.

A bright corner rack that is attached to the wall with velcro fasteners and allows you to conveniently place a lot of bathing accessories.

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17. Boxes

Bright boxes.

Ordinary wooden boxes can be refined using bright paint, attached to the wall and used to store bath towels and bath products.

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