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8 common kitchen mistakes that complicate our lives


You, too, before chopping garlic, clean it from the husk? And carefully monitor the automatic cooking in a slow cooker? The fact is that almost all of us make the same mistakes in the kitchen. And everything would be fine, that's just because of them, we not only spoil the taste of dishes, but in general we complicate our lives.

Therefore, today we prepared for you a list of ordinary kitchen items, which most of us treats incorrectly.

1. We incorrectly load the dishes in the dishwasher

Sending plates to the dishwasher, we simply make them one after the other, but because of this, the dishes often come out not perfectly clean.. Scientists decided to deal with this and created a diagram of the ideal location of the dishes in the car.

  • Plates should be placed in a circle, because that is how water circulates.
  • In the center it is better to place plates with contaminants from carbohydrate foods (for example, from under porridge and pasta).
  • On the sides, it is desirable to place dishes with protein contamination (for example, from under the meat).

Thus, the washing will take place as efficiently as possible and you do not have to clean the plates again.

2. We improperly preheat food in the microwave

Many people notice that the dishes and the part of the food located at the edges are most actively heated in the microwave. At the same time, in the center of the dish, as a rule, remains cold, even if the plate in which it is located is already hot.

Therefore it is better to pack food in the form of a bagel, leaving the center free.. So the food is heated evenly.

3. We incorrectly use a split-tip knife.

Such a knife is in every second kitchen, but only a few know about its true purpose. Initially, this knife was created for slicing cheese. In this case, the forked tip should be used to separate thin slices.

It is also allowed to use it for cutting fruits and vegetables with tender flesh and elastic sandpaper, for example, for tomatoes and ripe plums.

4. We incorrectly whip cream

Experienced housewives warn that if you do not prepare the mixer to work properly, the protein cream may not be sufficiently lush. Fortunately, preparing the device is not difficult.

It is enough to cool the beaters and the bowl in which the product will be whipped in the freezer. Then the cream will be softer and more magnificent.

5. We do not use toaster settings

Many of us set the toaster settings only once - before first use. This approach is only suitable if you always use only one type of bread of the same thickness.

But if you fry different bread, the settings should be adjusted before each use.Because the quality of toast is equally dependent on the type of bread, its thickness and the selected cooking mode.

6. We control automatic cooking

Trusting cooking to multi-cookers, double boilers, bread makers and other "smart" machines, we often cannot relax and always look inside to check the dish. So we spoil the final result.

After all, each opening of the lid knocks down the well-built temperature, on which the cooking mode is calculated.

7. We do not use all the features of a spaghetti spoon

A spaghetti spoon helps to conveniently pick up thin pasta, and the hole in its body allows you to quickly flush the water. But this hole has another function.

It helps to measure the average portion of pasta before dipping into the pan. Very comfortable, isn't it?

8. We complicate the work with garlic press

Most of us for some reason still peel the garlic cloves before putting them in the press. Although the husk and so does not fall into the dish, even if we ignore the cleaning.

We hope that our advice will be useful to you. Tell us in the comments how many of the described errors you made and are you going to correct?