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Arrangement of a small bedroom: what shades to choose in order not to overdo it


Despite the fact that the bedroom is a place where a person is waiting for a rest from the bustle of the day, designers advise to move away from bored stereotypes associated with calm tones and shades, and turn their attention to brighter, bold and interesting color solutions both in the interior itself and in the elements of decor.

Even if your room does not have extensive square meters - it does not matter, everything will have its place and application.

1. Case bed

It is also worth noting that the cabinet itself can be angular, which will allow you to create a sufficient number of shelves and drawers for storing personal items.

If your bedroom does not have large dimensions, then before moving on to the arrangement of space, pay attention to the multifunctional, practical and modern furniture. Instead of a separate wardrobe and bed, it is enough to get a transforming bed or a wardrobe bed. This will not only save space, but will give the room a modern, comfortable style.

You can arrange a wardrobe with a built-in bed along a narrow wall and, leaving enough space for a lowered sleeping place, place the rest of the furniture in the room.

If the width of the room allows, then a wardrobe with a built-in bed will fit perfectly along the larger wall, the main thing is to correctly calculate how much space other desired pieces of furniture will take.

The design of such a bed assumes its storage in an upright position, either head down or on its side.

A tandem of white, gray and orange in the bedroom in modern style.

For those who adhere to the traditional style, suitable light colors and shades in the interior of the bedroom. But those who decide to move away from the usual stereotypes should pay attention to the bold color scheme and bright accents. Do not be afraid to dilute the room with something juicy and joyful.

Yellow color creates a sunny mood in the interior.

Bright accents in the design of the bedroom.

Classic bedroom interior in blue tones.

The accessories in red are a bright element of decor in the white bedroom.

Bedroom design in green.

The combination of light beige walls with dark furniture in the bedroom.

3. Focus on details

It is desirable that the method of execution and the plot were the same.

Flowers in the interior of the bedroom will be a great addition.

Chocolate satin curtains in the bedroom interior.

Decorative pillows in the interior of the bedroom.

Bedspread in the interior of the bedroom.

You can dilute the familiar atmosphere in the bedroom with the help of paintings, photographs, figurines, flowers and other pleasant things. Also, among other things, even curtains, bedspreads or a scatter of decorative pillows can make an ornament.

4. Options for bedroom design and decor

A modern bedroom is most often an isolated room, decorated in a pleasant style and color scheme.

Personal comfort is the main priority, which is why a lot of attention is paid to the color palette and space.

Laconic solutions are often the most relevant - if there is an opportunity to simplify the design of a particular piece of furniture, then the modern style is sure to do it.

Modern bedroom design.

This color solution for many years will be relevant.

Even if your room cannot boast with a large number of square meters, it is in your power to create the illusion of spaciousness, freedom, and ease.

Experts recommend using no more than three colors when designing the bedroom. The main should be a light tone.

Modern designers offer many interesting ideas and options for decorating the bedroom. Therefore, taking advantage of their advice, you will remain in a win-win version.