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7 colors for home interior and the psychological effects they have

Today you can find a lot of tips on what colors to use for the interior of your home: on the walls, in furniture, textiles. But at the same time, few people think about the psychological effect that certain colors have on a person. In this review, the story of how to properly use the colors in your home, so that they have a beneficial effect on all households.

In fact, color is a universal and non-verbal language that is capable of evoking various emotions and behaviors, as well as making the home space attractive or not very pleasant. Using different colors as primary colors, one can easily create a certain mood and atmosphere. Lighter shades soothe, bright colors bring cheerful and lively sensations, and dark shades give depth to the decor.


Red color is very energetic, it unites people and stimulates communication. It will be a great color for the living room or hallway, although it is also perfect for the bedroom, since people are mostly in it at night when the lights are dim. Many people like to use the red finish in the bedroom because it brings a touch of passion. It is necessary to avoid this color in kitchens and canteens, if a person watches his weight, because it was proved that the red color in the kitchen leads to the fact that people eat more. Although it is worth noting that for banquet rooms and cafes red fits well, because it makes food seem tastier.

Red is suitable for the hallway because it leaves a vivid impression of the interior.

Bright hallway creates a positive mood for guests and hosts.

It is an energetic color that unites people. Therefore, red is what is needed for rooms when meeting new people.

Red is the color of active and energetic people.

Such deep shades of red are amazing for the living room - they look bold and progressive, and are well suited for any season.

Hot colors for any season.

The red bedroom is a rather radical solution. But you should use this color if people are in the bedroom only at night.

Red is the color of passion.

The red bedroom is a very passionate place, it looks very sexy.

Red is good in the kitchen.

Red color is good for the kitchen, but you should dilute it with white for contrast or even avoid it if you want to lose weight.

Red - the color of the holiday.

Dining in red is a good solution, especially if guests come to it often.


This color resembles the sun and brings cheerful notes to the room. This is a great choice for the kitchen, dining room and bathroom, where it will lift your spirits, as well as visually increase the space. Yellow is perfect for any room that does not have enough sunlight. However, this is not a very good color for a nursery, since it was noticed that children often cry in yellow rooms.

Yellow can rightly be called a kitchen color.

Yellow color is great for the kitchen, because it is energetic and bright, and also creates a sense of sunlight.

Yellow dining room - a good mood room.

Yellow color is great for dining rooms for the same reasons as for kitchens.

The color of the warm interior is yellow.

Yellow visually expands small rooms, "heating" them, and is great for a small bathroom.

When the house is full of sunlight.

The yellow hallway seems filled with sunlight and looks bright.


Blue is a soothing and relaxing color, so it is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. If a person wants to relax, he should prefer colder shades of blue, but in order to stimulate communication, you need to choose warm shades for furniture and fabrics. Dark blue hues should be avoided, as they bring a feeling of sadness, or simply add bold touches to the interior in small amounts.

Blue is the perfect color for the bedroom.

Pastel shades of blue are ideal for the bedroom, because they provide a calming effect and help to relax.

This color comfort.

Calm light blue is great for the bathroom. It provides comfort, and this is exactly what is needed in the bathroom.

Carefully with blue - you can become sad!

Too much navy blue can cause sadness, so be careful.

Add warm colors to blue.

When using dark and cold blue shades, it is worth diluting them with warmer colors to create harmony.


This is a refreshing color, which is considered the most soothing color for the eyes. It has both the soothing qualities of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow, so it can be used literally everywhere, from kitchens to bathrooms. In addition, green relieves stress, so it is worth choosing as the primary color, as well as the color of concentration, so it is great for home office.

Green is nature.

Green is relaxing and reminiscent of nature, so it is great for a bathroom.

Green tones are ideal for relaxation.

This is a very relaxing color, especially in muted shades, so it can be used for the bedroom.

Green with gold for lovers of the classics.

Emerald is a gorgeous shade of green. If you apply it with gold splashes, it will be a great idea for a refined cuisine.

The color of the location and positive emotions.

The dark green entrance hall gives the impression of friendliness and welcome.


Lilac and its shades are shades in trend this year, and if someone is going to follow a new fashion, then he should know that dark shades of violet are dramatic and should be used only as secondary to bring depth, otherwise a melancholic look will be created. Lighter shades (such as lilac) bring a sense of peace to the room, so you can use them for the bedroom.

Cozy alternative to cold blue.

The lilac bedroom is relaxing and not as cold as blue.

Lilac bathroom - complete relaxation.

You can achieve a relaxing and soothing feeling in your bathroom by painting the walls in lilac.

Dark violet is also good.

If you want to use dark purple, you should add something brilliant and light for harmony.

Light shades to raise the mood.

If you want to achieve peace and relaxation, you should use lighter shades of purple.


Orange is another super-energetic color that causes excitement and is great for the gym. It should be avoided in living rooms or bedrooms, as this may be too energetic for such rooms, especially for bedrooms. If a person likes this color, why not make an orange shower. This will help him wake up.

Orange mood for the whole day.

Bright orange color is perfect for the gym, as this color is very energetic and bright.

And every morning will be energetic.

If someone wants a note of fun and energy, you can use orange in the bathroom to quickly wake up.

The orange room is the most comfortable corner in the house.

It is worth being careful with this color, as it is very bright, but such “fun and colorful corners” can be created throughout the house.

Neutral colors

Black, gray, white and brown are basic to any room: they are “flexible” and can be combined with many other colors. These neutral shades can become more lively if you combine them with bright colors, or more relaxed in combination with pastel. Black is great for creating accents of decorative elements and adding "depth" to the interior.

Eternal classics of the interior genre.

Gray never goes out of fashion. You can choose a shade that you like and combine it with "fun" colors.

Neutral shades as a temporary solution.

The decor in neutral shades is a timeless solution, it is always in trend.

If you really want black.

If you want to use black in the interior, you need to add colorful and bright touches to liven up the space.

Red and black - an interior for distinguished persons.

You can use black as a second color to add depth to the interior and make it more subtle.

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