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11 easy ways to transform a bathroom in a rented apartment


Not infrequently, the interior of a rented apartment leaves much to be desired. These are the lamps that are not consistent in style, and the paint is not the first freshness. Although repairs in a rented apartment may not be an option, nevertheless something can be done.

Applying some simple techniques can significantly change the interior of the bathroom in a rented apartment. And regardless of whether in a rented apartment or not, you will be able to live in a pleasant comfortable interior.

Add paintings and other art objects

One of the easiest and most effective ways to change the interior of the bathroom for the better is to add paintings, statues and other decorative elements. You can hang one big picture or photo, or several small ones. Decor elements can be made independently, for example, from funny seashells brought from the sea.

It's amazing how a small amount of decor can change the bath.

A vivid example of how to change a bathroom without making radical changes and without making repairs.


Baskets can become another unique element in the bathroom. They not only allow you to organize a lot of different little things, make a small bathroom space more organized, which makes it seem more spacious. In addition, they just look beautiful. In any supermarket, you can pick up cheap rattan or plastic baskets. If you try, you can find baskets made of natural wicker, and if you have time, you can buy artificial rattan and weave your unique basket.

Baskets not only allow you to organize the space, but also look great.

Shelves above the toilet look very appropriate and allow you to place accessories and decor.

Shower curtain

The shower curtain is a small element in the bathroom that can significantly change the perception of the entire bathroom. That is why it is so important that it matches your taste and just like it. And if you are lucky to have a bathroom with a window, then it makes sense to show your individuality and add a curtain to it in the design of the window. It will not only decorate the window opening, but also add privacy to the bathroom.

Be sure to pick a shower curtain so that you like it.

Cute rug

Nowadays, it is becoming fashionable to decorate the most luxurious bathrooms with Turkish rugs. Therefore, it is simply a sin not to borrow this technique in the design of a bathroom in a rented apartment. It is not necessary to buy a very expensive carpet. Anyone can come up, the main thing is that you like him, adding bright colors to a dull bath, or, on the contrary, cooling the riot of colors into an overly bright one.

A rug on the floor perfectly enlivens the faceless bathroom.


Nothing so animates the room as the presence of natural flowers. Unfortunately, the colors need light, so only those who are lucky to have a window in the bathroom will be able to use green plants in the bathroom décor. However, if it is the use of colors in the bathroom decor will bring just a wonderful result of refreshing and reviving the interior of a small room.

Nothing makes a bath as habitable as green plants, but they need light.

Shelves and racks

A bath is one of those rooms where additional storage surfaces will not be superfluous at all. In addition, additional shelves will help keep the bathroom organized. Shelves made of natural wood can themselves serve as an ornament, and if they are supplemented with baskets and decor, then any bath can become much more comfortable.

A basket with toilet paper on the toilet bowl can also serve as a decor.

Wooden shelves are suitable for different styles and add a lot of space.


Most often, in the bathrooms of rented apartments you can find quite old and completely un-stylish lamps. Therefore, it makes sense to replace them with something fashionable and modern. As an alternative to traditional wall lamps, you can use trendy loft-style lamps.

Loft style lights are great for a modern bathroom.

Bathroom mirror

A mirror is an essential attribute of almost every bathroom. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to it. A large mirror will allow you to visually expand the small room of the bathroom and make it lighter. The framing of the mirror is also important, since it is what forms its style, whether it is a wooden frame in country style or something modern and minimalist.

Mirrors are not only a necessary element of a bathroom, but they can also be an excellent element of decor.

Choose a mirror according to your taste. For example a mirror-porthole.

Mirror on the toilet box is perfect for a modern minimalist interior.

Bath shelf

The bathrooms of rental apartments often do not have enough space for bath accessories and there are generally no shelves in the shower and bath area. To solve this problem simply by adding a shelf on the bath or shelves attached to the wall on the suction cups. These accessories will not damage either the bathroom or the walls, but, being within reach, will make bathing or showering much more comfortable.

Shelf on the bath allows you to conveniently keep all bath accessories within reach.


The floor forms half of our perception of the bathroom. If the bathroom floor is completely unfortunate - ugly or just plain old and worn out, then you can quickly and inexpensively close it with linoleum of suitable and beloved color. Here you can show imagination and pick up linoleum in retro style, as well as in completely modern drawings. Linoleum fits quickly, fits well in the corners, and can be quickly removed or replaced.

With the help of linoleum, you can upgrade the floor in the bathroom and significantly change the interior of the room.


Ladder - towel dryer has become a recent trend and can be found more often. For a rented apartment, it is attractive because it does not require installation. Just put it and you can already use it. At the same time, you can choose an option for almost any interior style.

The ladder does not require installation and adds a lot of space for towels.

If you remove a few poles, then the ladder can be put even against the wall, which is no longer free.