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17 pieces of furniture, the possibilities of which are much wider than it seems


Unfortunately, the majority of our compatriots can not boast of a large living space.

We have to huddle in the "Khrushchev", trying to fit into the room all the necessary pieces of furniture. But everything is not as bad as it seems.

Many find an exit in transforming furniture. We collected 17 pieces of furniture, whose possibilities are much wider than it seems.

1. Furniture box

Ten pieces of furniture in the box.

A whole bedroom set of ten pieces of furniture, placed in one box measuring 90x120 centimeters, which can be easily put in any corner of the apartment. Each drawer is easily transformed into a certain piece of furniture, among which are: a bed, cabinets, a desk, a rack with shelves and a wardrobe.

2. Lifting bed

Lifting bed-curbstone.

A full-sized double bed, which at any time at the touch of a button can be lifted, changing to a compact cabinet, consisting of three compartments, is an ideal solution for a tiny bedroom.

3. Table

A table with chairs.

A small table and a set of chairs that fold into one and allow you to save space.

4. Poof

Poof of stools.

Laconic and elegant pouf, which unfolds and turns into five separate stools, in case of the arrival of guests.

5. A set of modular furniture

Transforming furniture set.

A unique set of modular furniture, which is a low podium with a partition, a pull-out sofa bed, a table and five poufs. Such a set will perfectly fit into the interior of a small room and save you from buying other furniture.

6. Beds and table

Two beds and a table.

A set of furniture, which consists of two single beds of different heights and a desk. All these elements are easily assembled into one piece of furniture that fits perfectly into a small bedroom for two children or roommates.

7. Chair with a secret

Chair with a box.

Plain white chair with a drawer in which you can store valuables, jewelry, belts and any other small things.

8. Rolling table

Kitchen set with a sliding table.

Kitchen set with a sliding table on wheels - perhaps the best solution for a small kitchen, where there are always not enough working surfaces.

9. Round cabinet

Round cabinet with a folding lid-table.

A bright modern cabinet with a hinged lid that can replace a full-fledged small table at which you can drink a cup of coffee or work at the computer.

10. Dining set

Folding table and bench.

A complete dining set, which consists of a large folding table and bench. Both items as unnecessary, you can lean against the wall, making it almost invisible.

11. Compact table

Coffee table and two pouf.

A compact coffee table and two pillows-seats are what you need for a small apartment decorated in minimalism style.

12. Modular furniture

Table and modular units.

Another modern set of convertible modular furniture, consisting of a low table and four blocks for the seat. All blocks are compactly folded under the table top, turning it into a neat coffee table.

13. Modular units

Modular blocks for the construction of furniture.

Bright modular blocks from which you can build anything, starting from the table and ending with a huge bed.

14. Locker

Functional kitchen cabinet.

A stylish narrow cabinet with a bottle in the side and a vertical glass holder at the bottom will become a real decoration of the free wall of the kitchen or living room.

15. Mirror

Mirror table.

It looks like a classic mirror in a simple wooden frame. But its frame easily turns into legs, and the part with a mirror becomes a table top. So, the mirror becomes a fairly large dining table.

16. Hidden table

Kitchen cabinet with a sliding table.

Kitchen cabinet with a small rounded table, which is easily extended and can be used as an additional work surface or a dining table.

17. School desk

Children's desk.

A creative children's table, which when folded, looks like a cube and can be used as a seat or a pedestal, and when unfolded it turns into a low desk and chair.