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Pesky repair mistakes that all homeowners regret


More than 260 thousand homeowners from 11 countries admitted that the biggest problem of repairs is to stay within budget: at least 1 out of 3 people seriously exceeds the originally planned expenses. So you have to master new professions and independently master the science of "home transformation". In order not to spend huge sums on rework, it is better to know where beginner repairmen stumble most often.

we they studied which bumps are most often stuffed by people doing home repairs, and tell you how to avoid the most common mistakes.

1. Photo communications before finishing

Before closing the unsightly wires in the walls of the finish, you should mark them on the diagram or at least take a picture of the wall: so you will know where the channels go and do not damage them when you hang shelves or fix furniture.

2. switch location

If you place the switch too high, the children will have to jump to turn on the light, and if you place it on the side of the hinges, you will have to walk a lot in the dark. The optimal position is from the side of the door handle at a height of 75-90 cm. It is better to put 2 switches in the bedroom: at the entrance to the room and by the bed - so before going to bed you do not have to go from one end of the room to the other. The same principle should be guided when wiring electricians in a long corridor - 2 switches will reduce useless wanderings around the apartment.

3. Ribbed floor

Choosing a flooring, it is difficult to resist the charm of textured embossed options: parquet or laminate with a bevel, rough tile, ribbed linoleum, imitating wood. In fact, every unevenness on the floor collects dirt and keeps it tight when cleaning. Time to clean the house with such a floor will need much more.

White or black floor - a guarantee that immediately after the repair will need to clean up much more often. This is the perfect backdrop for viewing specks and mote. It is best to choose a coating of medium-gray tint - the dust on it will not be so noticeable.

5. Sound insulation

Plastic sewer pipes have one major drawback: any sound resonates too well and tells you everything your neighbors do in the bathroom and toilet. Such pipes are better to wrap noise absorbing material.

6. Wood in the kitchen

Parquet and the more laminate is in the black list of flooring for the kitchen. Memories of the once spilled soup, he will save in the form of an ugly bloating, and then begin to diverge at the seams. It is better to give preference to smooth linoleum, matte porcelain stoneware or to make a self-leveling floor.

7. Ceiling in plasterboard bathroom

Even moisture-resistant drywall does not protect the renovated bathroom from the neighbors above. But the tension will save the whole apartment from the flood: the water will remain under the ceiling, and not spread throughout the house.

8. Timer on the warm floor

Heated floors are nice and cozy. Better than them, only warm floors with a timer: in the morning you will not have to wait long until it warms up. A warm floor in the bathroom and toilet - it is also a guarantee of the absence of mold.

9. Bathroom curbs

In the place where the bathtub is joined to the wall, it is better to make inclined borders. If you leave a gap, all the water will flow to the floor, if you just treat the seams with silicone - it will stagnate in the corners. Moisture penetrating into inconspicuous crevices can cause mold.

10. Tilt bath

If the bath has a flat bottom, it is necessary to install it with a slight inclination of the bowl to the drain. For a good drain it will be enough to tilt the bath by only 3-5 °. If it is set at the level, the water will stagnate and it will have to be driven manually.

11. Sharp pens

Even the most beautiful handle with sharp elements in the design should be abandoned. It is easy to scratch about it, besides, these parts like to cling to the loose edges of clothes. When choosing this accessory, it is better to focus on models with smooth and rounded lines.

12. "Fake" materials

Finishing with non-natural materials that imitate authentic ones looks cheap, inappropriate and simply overloads the interior. The eye does not deceive: it will easily find a repeating pattern, it will feel an obsessive "ripple". Instead of tile "marbled", you can choose a beautiful monochromatic tile or cover with a neutral pattern.

13. Wallpaper joints

If the wall is perfectly smooth, you can choose even the thinnest wallpaper for the room. So that they create as little shade as possible in the place of joining, they need to be glued, moving from the window into the room. So the light will fall on the edge of the top sheet and there will be no shadow. If the room has uneven walls, it is better to choose embossed wallpapers, wallpapers with large cells or with a dense pattern.

What tricks do you use during repairs?