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20 kitchen design ideas that are suitable even for our "Khrushchev"


In modern realities, few of our compatriots can boast of large kitchens.

And almost everyone has a craving for beauty; comfort also wants to be created even in a tiny space.

Fortunately, designers also do not sit back and create beautiful and functional kitchen sets. The best we collected in this review.

1. U-shaped kitchen in modern style

U-shaped version of the kitchen layout will be a great solution for a small room.

2. Modern high-tech kitchen

Modern high-tech kitchen is a simple design, rounded shapes and smooth surfaces.

3. Compact kitchen set

Sliding modular kitchen set for a small-sized kitchen.

4. Metal shelves and racks

Wall mounted metal shelves that will save space in a small kitchen.

5. Properly organized space

Proper zoning of the kitchen space will allow even a small area to put all the necessary headset.

6. Open shelves in the kitchen

Practical wooden shelves that will help in organizing the kitchen space.

7. Ceiling holder for pots

A practical way to store kitchen utensils that will save space in a small room.

8. Place the ceiling

Kitchen cabinets under the ceiling - the best solution for a small kitchen.

9. Islet in the kitchen that shares space

A small U-shaped kitchen in a private house combined with other rooms.

10. Dining area in the kitchen

The original version of the placement of the dining area in the kitchen.

11. A practical solution for organizing space

Furniture from floor to ceiling allows you to save square meters.

12. Mobile bedside table on wheels

Mobile and custom kitchen table on wheels.

13. Three in one

Portable washbasin, refrigerator and stove in one modular system.

14. Popular constructive solution

Modern design solutions allow you to organize a functional space even in a small kitchen.

15. Stationary shelves

Storing kitchen utensils on the wall saves space in a small kitchen.

16. Design option for kitchen with hanging cabinets

Classic hanging wooden cabinet in the kitchen above the island.

17. Industrial style kitchen

Modern designer modular system.

18. Kitchen in bright colors

Virtually any color scheme is suitable for modern kitchen design.

19. Kitchen in a minimalist style

Budget option and the best design solution for a small kitchen.

20. Modular wall with bar counter

Universal modular wall with a bar, which is suitable for both small-sized premises, and for a spacious kitchen.