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19 things to get rid of so that they do not turn an apartment into a landfill


Perhaps everyone in the house has a stack of advertising booklets, which almost daily replenish the mailbox, or dishes with chips.

But in fact, these little things - real rubbish, which does not leave room to maintain the house in order.

In this review, 19 things that it is time to get rid of, so that the apartment does not turn into a real dump.

1. Spoiled clothing

Clothing torn and worn.

A sweater with stains from the sauce, which can not be removed, jeans with a hole in the most inconvenient place and other worn out things should be sent to the trash. However, knitwear can be used instead of rags, and warm clothes should be given to an animal shelter.

2. Clothing that has become out of size.

When the suit is no longer sitting.

With clothes that have become small over the years, it is better to say goodbye mercilessly. Even if the jeans that you wore in the first year of university converge on you in a few years, you are unlikely to want to wear them, because they have gone out of fashion. The same can be said about clothes that have become big. Clothes in good condition can be exchanged for something really suitable, sell or donate. With all the rest part without regret.

3. Old shoes

Outdated and torn shoes.

In a shoe closet, it is also useful from time to time to conduct an audit and throw away all unnecessary. Old home slippers, shoes with broken heels, sneakers with cracked soles. And do not hope that someday you with this shoe will go to the workshop. If you haven’t done this yet, then you don’t really need these shoes.

4. Artificial underwear

The linen should be in perfect condition.

Wearing a bra that has lost its color or faded pants is a disrespect for one's beloved. Underwear also has an expiration date: the fabric fades, there are holes and stains that cannot be removed. Parted without regret.

Holes and tightening.

An arrow appeared on the pantyhose - they had a place in the garbage, and not in the closet. A couple of pairs of tights with puffs can be left to wear under pants in cool weather. With leaky socks, the algorithm is as follows: we sew it up, or we throw it out in time.

5. Jewelry

Casket treasure

Perhaps every girl has her own treasure box. And it will not be superfluous to periodically make an audit in this "chest", getting rid of the broken, torn and outdated.

7. Old holiday outfits

Favorite outfits.

Some wedding dresses or prom dresses are kept for years. But it is unlikely that someone will be able to rationally answer the question - why? Of course, they are beautiful and reminiscent of happy events, so that's probably all. It is unlikely that there will be a desire to wear it in 5 years. If there is no spiritual strength to send these dresses to the garbage, then you can put them on sale or donate.

8. Buttons and fabric probes

Those same legendary bags.

These miniature sachets are familiar to all. And at the same time, almost no one uses them for their intended purpose. And they are intended for testing products for washing powder. If such tests you do not conduct, get rid of them immediately. Buttons should be left, but to revise them at least once a year. And it happens so that things are no longer in the wardrobe, and the buttons from it are still stored.

9. Pans with non-stick coating

Old non-stick frying pans.

No matter how much modern pans praise, they have a significant disadvantage, they are not durable. As soon as there are scratches on the non-stick coating, these pans must be disposed of.

10. Pots and kitchen utensils

Old kitchen utensils.

Many housewives in the kitchen are full of household utensils, which they inherited from their grandmothers. It is necessary to sort the contents of the cabinets and remove from them all unnecessary. And it is not at all necessary to throw out old, but good things. For example, large pots can be given to volunteers, and retro sugar bowls and cups can be presented to lovers of the genre.

11. Dishes with defects

Broken dishes.

In plates with chipped edges, in cups with chipped handles, in cracked glasses the fate is the same - in the trash.

12. Bed linen

Bed linen with stains and holes.

You get used to many things that are in the house and you just don't notice them. Take a closer look at your linen closet. Do not sleep on faded pillowcases and sheets with holes. They have already served their time and it's time to send them to rags. In addition, it is a reason to pamper yourself with new, beautiful high-quality linen.

13. Old towels

Old towels in the bathroom is not the place.

Towels, like bed sets, have their own shelf life. Leaky, washed out and lost color things are time to send to the trash.

14. Faulty equipment and electrical appliances.

Old technology road to landfill.

Household appliances that have not been used for a long time, you can give to those who really need it, or sell it. Absolutely without regret you can part with the ancient phones, old TVs, headsets and other amenities. No good - solid trash.

15. Electrical boxes


As soon as the warranty on this or that device expires, it’s time to get rid of the cardboard boxes. Do not throw away only those boxes whose contents are planned to be sold.

16. Textbooks and notes

Old textbooks.

Admit it, if you often look into the textbook of physics for the 10th grade or reread the abstracts on astronomy. If not, why keep them?

17. Cards and invitations

Postcards collection.

Of course, the memorable messages dear to the heart should not be thrown away, but if there are a lot of them, they can litter not only the cupboard, but also the apartment.

18. Postal trash

Get rid of email spam.

It is better to take it as a rule - to get rid of advertising booklets in a timely manner, as well as overdue utility bills, old catalogs and other garbage that has been stored on the coffee table for many years.

19. Audio and video tapes

Those cassettes.

Do you still twist a tape recorder or video player? If not, why do you need a collection of audio and video cassettes? After all, today any music and movies can be easily found on the Internet.