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17 ideas to help get the most out of the size of a bathroom


The reality is that the bathrooms of most of our compatriots are reminiscent of the garret, in which they almost never turn around.

However, you need to think positively. Modern designers offer many options for arranging a bathroom with all the necessary functionality.

We have collected 17 ideas that will help make the small bath as stylish and functional as possible.

1. Games with forms

Unusual shapes in a small bathroom.

The tiny bathroom forces you to be inventive. For example, a shelf of unusual shape, well-chosen plumbing and storage systems under the ceiling will help make the bathroom as functional as possible.

2. Accent wall

Bathroom with an accent wall.

Small bathroom with modern white and gray trim and ergonomic fixtures. There is an accent wall in this room and nothing else is superfluous, and all the details of the furniture help to rationally use every square meter.

3. Luxury bath

Bathroom with large bath.

Owners of small bathrooms often refuse to buy a full bath, believing that it simply does not fit in a small space. Solve the problem without compromising comfort will help bath a non-standard form. A similar model is installed in this classic bathroom, decorated in white and green tones.

4. Spring Flowers

Stunning bathroom in lilac shades.

Designer bathroom in white and lilac colors with beautiful images of flowers on the walls, a corner shower and a stylish washbasin area.

5. Secrets of accommodation

Salad shades and proper placement of plumbing.

Salad shades and proper placement of ergonomic plumbing allowed to create an unusually fresh and rich space.

6. Spectacular detail

Bright bathroom with a spectacular floor.

A small bathroom with white walls, a minimalist shower, an overhead sink on a classic wooden shelf and a black and white floor, which has become a spectacular detail of this small space.

7. Dark shades

Stylish bathroom in dark shades.

A small bathroom with dark gray walls, snow-white floor and ceiling, a strong shower stall in the corner behind the glass door, a classic toilet and a black washing machine that also serves as a sink cabinet.

8. Neutral shades

Bathroom in neutral colors.

A small bathroom with a classic square tile of beige and brown hue, which managed to accommodate a classic bath and a wooden cabinet with a false sink - everything you need for comfort and nothing extra!

9. Wonders of compactness

A tiny adjacent bathroom in white shades.

A very small adjacent bathroom with a light finish, in which, despite its modest size, it was possible to place a full-fledged bath with a glass partition, a wall-hung toilet and a cabinet with a sink.

10. Corner bath

Small corner bath.

A small corner bath is the perfect solution for owners of small bathrooms. With proper placement of the rest of furniture and plumbing can create a comfortable environment and even the illusion of space.

11. White and brown

White brown bathroom.

The combination of white and brown tiles is perfect for decorating a small bathroom, in which, instead of a bath, a fairly spacious shower stall with a shelf in a niche, a bench and a living plant was installed.

12. Narrow bathroom

Narrow bathroom with an active pattern on the walls.

Narrow bathroom with small ceramic tiles, decorated with an active pattern, with a classic bathroom, a modern toilet and a number of cabinets, located above and below.

13. Jacuzzi

A small bathroom with Jacuzzi.

A small adjacent bathroom with white tiles on the walls, natural wood details and a large square jacuzzi, which has become the highlight of this space.

14. Bright detail

A small bathroom with a bright floor.

Bright decoration will help to visually expand the boundaries of space, which is simply necessary if it is a small bathroom, and a bright tile on the floor will enliven and add dynamics to the space.

15. Artistic finish

A small bathroom with artistic wall decoration.

The charming interior of a small bathroom, the highlight of which was the original wall decoration of white and blue tiles.

16. Oriental style

Bathroom with elements of oriental style.

Interesting interior of a small bathroom with a mosaic on one of the snow-white walls, laid-in sink in the oriental style, a mirror in a massive carved frame and minor wooden details that create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room.

17. Creative design

A bathroom in a modern style.

Adjacent bathroom in modern style, decorated in pleasant shades of green with narrow panels of ceramic tiles, with a full bathroom, decorated with a functional screen, fashionable glass shelves and ergonomic hinged sink.

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