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10 modern kitchen gadgets that even chefs use the best restaurants in the world

In the market of kitchen lotions, the mass of new inventions. It is important to understand which ones are really worth attention. When there are a lot of gadgets in the kitchen, it does not mean that someone cooks badly.

Even professional chefs use innovative gadgets to shorten the cooking time or make it perfect. Who does not dream that such boring exercises like cutting, grinding, shaping are not performed in the blink of an eye? When things get easier, cooking is much nicer!

1. Universal machine for cutting anything

Compact size, but plenty of features.

For the kitchen just come in handy set, with which vegetables and fruits take any form. Beautiful rings, curls, slices, thin slices and even asterisks - this machine is capable of anything. The presence of many nozzles allows you to select the desired shape and thickness of the cut. Now any banal dish will be a real culinary masterpiece.

2. Device for draining excess fluid

You can drain any liquid quickly, safely and without any difficulties.

Sometimes you need to quickly and gently drain or transfer to another container. The task is feasible, but difficult. Liquid may spill or spill on the floor, table, stove. It is especially unpleasant if it is hot, rich broth, then it will be necessary to tinker with the spots. All these problems are solved in one fell swoop, if you buy a special nozzle in the shape of a spout, which is suitable for any dishes.

3. A special form for pancakes

Unique pancakes that will be a real decoration of any table.

Such a thing will make any meal original and fascinating. Dough for pancakes is poured into a special bottle with dispenser. With this design, you can make pancakes perfectly round shape or come up with something original: animal figures, inscriptions, hearts, geometric shapes, etc.

4. Expandable dividers for kitchen drawers.

Convenient thing for the proper organization of space.

They are plastic or wooden. Everyone can choose to your taste. Many colors allow you to choose the best option for any kitchen. Expandable delimiters are very simply moved apart and placed in the right drawer. With their help, shelves and drawers can be divided into several sections to store all kitchen utensils as convenient as possible. Finding the right thing is now much easier.

5. 2-in-1 bowl

A thing that is useful in any household.

Universal dishes - both colander and bowl. It can wash any fruits and berries, vegetables, rice and other types of food, and after that you do not need to shift to another container. Such an improvised salad bowl will save a lot of time and make cooking much more pleasant. A 2-in-1 bowl can be made from plastic or stronger materials — you can choose the right one for your kitchen.

6. Knife for removing the core of apples

Only sleight of hand and no fraud.

A simple and easy-to-use device will help to quickly clean the apples from their tasteless parts. With the help of a special knife, the hard core and the bones will be removed with one hand movement. You can proceed to the peeled pulp or cook the original dish with baked apples.

7. Unique and compact set

Stylish, bright, comfortable - the dream of any hostess.

The kit consists of 9 parts. Among them are large and small mixing bowls, a colander, a steel strainer, cups for measuring different sizes and a tablespoon. The tanks are equipped with convenient handles, for which they are easy to carry, as well as wide non-slip bases. A complete set for cooking any dish - everything is at hand and folds into a compact design.

8. Very comfortable mini sauce bowls.

Any dish complemented with a suitable sauce immediately becomes much tastier.

Mini-bowls are conveniently fixed on the rim of the plate. Typically, the set includes several pieces (4-5) of different colors. In the bowl is very convenient to pour the sauce. You can install two saucepans on the plate at once and enjoy the selected dish with various savory additions. Beautiful design will be a good addition to any plate. Mini-bowls are convenient and quick to wash, even in a dishwasher.

9. A unique fit for a perfect steak.

Who said that tasty meat can be made only by marinating a few hours in advance?

The unique gadget has a built-in plunger that sends the marinade right inside the meat through three needle applicators. To soften the meat fibers provided 27 knives made of stainless steel. Ingredients that enhance and reveal the taste of meat, come into it instantly, so long to wait for an appetizing steak will not have to. For optimal penetration into the meat, one can choose from two levels of knife immersion depth.

10. Three-story shelf for oven

Fragrant cake, healthy vegetables and delicious baked potatoes, and next to it the chicken fit. Dinner will be royal!

With such an assistant in the kitchen you can cook three times more and faster. Three-story shelf in the oven can withstand any weight. It is made of chrome steel, which is characterized by maximum strength and reliability. When the shelf is not needed, it can be folded compactly and stored in a closet - it does not take up much space and is easy to clean.