Useful ideas

Permanent errors, due to which supermarket visitors spend much more than they would like


Splitting in a supermarket is a trifling matter. Enough to go to the store, and now his eyes scatter through the windows, and everything in the basket turns out to be. Shopping gurus have learned to avoid this by tracking specials of the day at various supermarkets and collecting bonus chips. But if there is no time to collect a grocery set throughout the district, you can use the simple tips from this review.

So what are the mistakes most often made by customers in stores? Look at this list, and most likely it turns out that you yourself are doing so. It is enough to slightly change your habits (or develop new ones), and now you can spend less time on purchases and reduce the average bill.

1. Do not look down

On the lower shelves you can find a lot of interesting things.

The main principle on which sellers make out racks is as follows: at the eye level must be placed the goods of popular brands of medium and high cost. The actions of many buyers are honed to automatism, they take goods from the shelf without looking. Try to look down at the lower shelves, it is possible that there you will find a product whose cost will be much lower, but the quality is just as good.

2. Go to the store often and take a bit of everything.

Daily trips for a couple of items - the temptation to spend more.

The habit of going to the store every day can be a good hit. Of course, walking on foot will be beneficial, but if you drive into the supermarket by car, then that's your extra gas mileage.
But that is not all. Marketers felt that making a purchase, people take 54% more products than they really need. So long-term planning is useful here: make a list in advance and strictly adhere to it, and do not expose yourself daily to the temptation of spontaneous acquisitions.

The list of products will help not to gain too much.

3. Always choose a large package.

Large packaging does not mean cheap.

We are accustomed to the fact that small containers and packaging cost less, but this rule does not always work. Before taking a large package from the shelf, do not be too lazy to compare it with a small one and consider whether this makes sense. If there is no difference, then we can limit ourselves to the minimum amount.

4. Do not try to find an alternative

The same product can be found on different racks.

It would seem that if there is cheese on the shelf, then it is enough to take a piece and stop searching on it. In fact, this product can be found in different departments (packaged, by weight, sliced, and so on). Look, what offers can be found, it is possible that there is a cheaper alternative.

5. Go to the store in the morning

In the evenings in the bakery and meat departments is often a decrease in the value of the goods.

Meat, which has just appeared on the counter, or a freshly baked bun is much more delicious than stale products. However, if we are talking about one day, then the quality of food will not change significantly, but the cost will decrease. Make it a rule to go to the supermarket during the evening hours when discounts are valid and you will feel the difference.

6. Do not check the receipt

Check the check, even if it is large, and you have no time.

Yes, it may seem boring, but be sure to check the receipts at the exit from the store. It often happens that the same position was scanned twice, indicated the wrong price, or did not break through the promotional coupon. All this can be found only on the spot and return the difference.

7. Forget the eco-bag

Use eco-bag for products.

The use of such a bag is a concern not only about nature, but also (mercantile) about your own wallet. A penny spent on a package each time for the year can add up to an impressive figure.

8. Do not use the store application on the phone

Install the app of the supermarket on the phone.

Now more and more supermarket chains are launching their applications for smartphone users. In this case, all bonuses are available to you: in electronic form, coupons are always at hand, a list of promotions, cashback and so on. By the way, many stores, considering your food preferences, are beginning to form individual offers. So in this case, using the gadget is only for the benefit.