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17 tricks that you can use to become a guru in the kitchen


Any hostess dreams that her dishes were the most delicious and original.

But in reality, because of the lack of free time or the lack of a lot of experience, anything happens.

We collected a few useful tricks that will speed up the cooking process, and the dishes themselves will make unique.

1. Alternative to eggs

Bananas instead of eggs for the test.

If you want to bake some sweet dessert and suddenly discover that there are no eggs in the fridge or too few, use bananas. Half of the fruit will replace one egg, and a whole banana - two. It is worth noting that such a replacement will not affect the taste of the dish, and in some cases will only improve it.

2. Soft butter

Quickly soften the butter.

How many times have you decided to cook sandwiches in a hurry, and afterwards you suffered for half an hour trying to spread solid butter on bread. In fact, it is very easy to solve the problem, and our grandmothers, who covered the frozen butter wad with a heated glass, knew about it.

3. Potato storage

Where to store potatoes.

Everyone knows that during prolonged storage, potatoes become soft and germinate. However, knowing some nuances, this process can be significantly delayed. Best for storing root crops suitable cabinet under the sink or glazed loggia. As for packaging, a mesh, fabric, paper bag or wooden container is best. To prevent germination and spoilage of fruits, place a couple of apples in a container.

4. Bananas individually

Banana storage.

To store bananas for a long time is very difficult. They quickly blacken and deteriorate. To slow down this process, divide the fruits and keep them away from each other.

5. Cakes

Cut the cake into pieces.

If you want to cut the cake or divide the cake into the cake layers, and there is no suitable knife at hand, use dental floss. It is quite thin and will cope with the task no worse, and in some cases even better than a knife.

6. Sponge holder

Stand for sponge.

Instead of storing a kitchen sponge in a pool of water, arrange a special stand for it. This can be done from the standard Binder. Storing the sponge in a vertical position will allow it to dry quickly and prolong its service life.

7. Greens in the fridge

Storage of greens in the refrigerator.

Even a few drops of water can cause the greens to quickly rot in the fridge. Zip-package and paper towel will help prevent such trouble. Wrap the twigs with a towel and pack them in a bag.

8. Figured sides

Figured sides of pies.

You dream to bake the most beautiful cakes, but you have no idea how to decorate them. How about curly sides. In addition, they can be done with a corkscrew, beads, a teaspoon or meat tongs.

9. Ginger Root

Peel the ginger root.

Many suffer, trying to peel the uneven ginger root with a knife. To do this is really very problematic, as in fact it is better to use a teaspoon for these purposes.

10. Cherry tomatoes

Quickly cut cherry tomatoes.

In one fell swoop, it is very easy to cut a few cherry tomatoes for salad and significantly speed up the process of cooking. You need to lightly squeeze a few tomatoes between two plastic plates or lids and carefully hold a sharp knife in the middle.

11. The perfect sandwich

The perfect tab sausage.

You have noticed that it is very difficult to put slices of sausage on rectangular slices of bread so that they cover the entire area of ​​the sandwich. This is annoying, isn't it !? In fact, making the perfect sandwich is easy if you cut the sausage correctly.

12. Pizza

Two pizza on one tray.

Cooking two pizzas on one baking sheet is quite realistic. Simply cut the cakes in half and place them on a baking sheet as shown in the picture.

13. Cleaning the microwave

Effective cleaning microwave.

If you, like most people, hate washing a microwave and try not to notice the dirt and leftover food on its walls, then this method of cleaning is especially for you. Type in a bowl of water, cut the lemon into slices and heat in a microwave on high power for 5 minutes. After this, let the oven cool down and gently wipe the walls with a clean rag. This procedure will help clean the microwave and destroy all odors.

14. Processed cheese

To rub the processed cheese.

To easily rub the processed cheese, it must first hold in the freezer. Then it will not crumble and break in the hands.

15. The secret of the microwave

Reheat food effectively.

Surely you, like many, noticed that the food in the microwave is heated unevenly. In some places it is very hot, in others - very cold. To avoid this, one little trick will help: you need to lay out the food on the edges of the plate, leaving the central part empty.

16. Cool eggs

Cook hard boiled eggs.

It seems to cook hard boiled eggs - easier than ever. But many still fail or succeed, but not always. To be sure of the result, gently stick one pushpin into the raw eggs and cook with it.

17. Ice cream

Ice cream storage.

A few days in the freezer and all, ice cream becomes hard as a rock. To prevent this and keep the ice cream cold and soft, pack the container in a zip-pack.

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