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9 advantages of living in a small apartment, upon learning of which, you will want to move from a private house


Many people perceive a small area of ​​their apartment as a disadvantage, although in reality this is a virtue.

Savings on finishing materials, quick cleaning, the ability to change the interior in a few days without significant financial investments - and this is not the whole list of advantages of a one-room apartment.

More about why such housing is much more profitable than a big house - in our article.

1. Easier to sustain the entire apartment in the same style

The final odnushki interior can be easily imagined in the head.

When you design an apartment, the owners face a serious question - how to make so that all the rooms are united by a single concept? If you have a small living space, this problem will have no difficulty. You will not need to think that a certain color is too much or the room looks boring. At the same time, you can easily imagine the whole space and determine where the sofa will be, in which corner the closet will be placed, in which zones the room will be divided.

2. You can purchase more expensive and high-quality finishing materials.

Find out in the store about the presence of remnants of branded finishing materials.

Considering the fact that you need to spend a minimum of paint, wallpaper and flooring on a small apartment, you can buy finishing materials at a higher price. They will serve you for many years and will look much better than budget options. Visit the hardware store, ask the sales assistant about the presence of the remnants of designer tiles or wallpaper. Usually they are sold at a big discount. The available amount of materials is enough for you to decorate the floor in the bathroom, an apron in the kitchen or a bright wall in the living room.

3. Design project will cost less

The cost of the design project depends on the area of ​​the apartment.

If you decide to invite a professional designer to design your apartment, its services will be very expensive. But only if you are the owner of a small apartment, because the final cost of a design project depends on the number of rooms or the meter. In addition, if you hire a professional, the apartment will look much more interesting and become much more functional, because the design project will be created individually for you, taking into account all the nuances of living space.

4. Easier to change the design

To get a new design in a one-room apartment, it is enough to repaint the walls.

Regardless of the style in which you complete your apartment immediately after purchase, in a few years you will want something new. Even if initially your choice falls on the Scandinavian style, which suggests ideal for a small living space parameters (light, space, comfort and minimalism), over time it will bother you. Here you will notice another plus of a small apartment. It is much easier to paint the walls, buy lamps, replace curtains, carpets and sofa cushions in a small area than organize bulk repairs in all rooms, completely changing the furnishings.

5. Savings on furniture

In odnushku need to buy a minimum of furniture.

If you are the owner of a one-room apartment, then all you need from the furniture is a sofa, a wardrobe, a coffee table, a couple of bedside tables and a table for work. Now imagine that you have a large private house. How many interior items will need to be purchased for its design? That's right, much more. In addition, in multi-room apartments and cottages often have to buy furniture for decorative purposes, otherwise the rooms look empty and uncomfortable. Add to this list expenses for lighting, curtains, carpets, decorative elements like paintings and sofa cushions, and you will realize that owning one-piece is much more profitable.

6. Comfort

In a one-bedroom apartment is always cozy and comfortable.

To make a cozy nest from a small apartment is much more than from a large one, because it is associated with comfort and safety. Here the slightest changes will be noticeable, even if you just replace curtains. And any accessory acquired by you will easily change the interior, be it a lamp or a room flower.

7. Reasonable consumption

Odnushka will save you from the need to buy unnecessary furniture and decor.

Before you buy a new piece of interior in odnushku, you will think several times about whether there is for him free space. This will help avoid unnecessary expenses that are peculiar to owners of large housing.

And during the general cleaning you will have to focus on finding outdated items that should be thrown away or replaced with new and functional ones. Over time, you will come to taste, you can make your life independent of regular purchases.

8. Quick cleaning

In a small apartment cleaning takes a minimum of time.

If you have correctly organized the area of ​​a small apartment and clearly built storage systems, tips on arranging which can be read in previous materials, then you will have to spend a minimum of time for cleaning. You do not have to spend several hours on cleaning floors and windows, cleaning carpets, removing dust on numerous cabinets, tables, bollards, kitchen sets.

Tip: if you do not run the apartment and set aside 20 minutes daily to clean things or wash the gas stove, then cleaning will turn into a quick, effective and enjoyable experience.

9. Privacy

The owner of a one-room apartment can easily defend their right to privacy.

A lot of friends is good. But not when they practically live in your home. But knowing that you are the owner of a small apartment, guests will not bother and will appear on your territory much less often. At the same time, you will not be considered an inhospitable person, just a small area does not allow to accommodate several people. But for the best friend there is a place even in a small-sized odnushka: an inflatable mattress and transforming furniture to help you.