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Ingenious decisions of a decor which will bring order in the house


Ingenious decisions of a decor which will bring order in the house

As a rule, a lot of little things lying anywhere, create a sense of cluttering in the house.

These 20 simple devices will help to organize everything in an instant and everyone will find their place.

1. Desk organizer

The table, which combines several stylistic trends.

2. Classic wooden shelves

Classic wooden shelves of light wood, which are covered with waterproof varnish.

3. Whiteboard

The original whiteboard is not just a convenient, but also a very useful invention, allowing you not to forget anything.

4. Original metal organizer

Very original metal organizer for ribbon gift paper.

5. Vertical gardening

A plain old metal grate can become the original basis for a vertical mini-garden in which you can place pots with potted plants and flowers.

6. Catalog cabinet is a great solution for the kitchen.

An old catalog cabinet for libraries and educational institutions can be used as an organizer for seasonings and various cereals.

7. Plastic buckets for storing brushes and pencils

Plastic buckets are great for storing all kinds of brushes and eyeliners and lips.

8. Small library

Moldings and baseboards, remaining after the next repair can be used to create a small library.

9. Proper use of space in the hallway

A simple shop, hanger and shelves is a great example of the efficient use of space in a small hallway.

10. Storage of cosmetics from improvised means

For storing cosmetics from improvised means a transparent organizer can be useful, which was used to store office paper, clips and other office supplies.

11. Trolley organizer for storage of detergents

A convenient organizer trolley for storing detergents, which can be easily hidden next to a washing machine and rolled out only when needed.

12. Daily routine

Unusual daily chart that will allow children and adults to develop the right lifestyle.

13. Glass or plastic containers for cereals and seasonings.

For storage of cereals and various seasonings, you can use ordinary glass or plastic containers that will significantly unload space in the cabinets and help clean up the kitchen.

14. Unique and budget nightstand

A unique and budget nightstand for towels and other bath accessories that you can easily make with your own hands.

15. Convenient storage of makeup brushes

To make it easier to store and use makeup brushes, it is enough to pour decorative pebbles into the prepared container.

16. Multifunctional wall organizer

Multifunctional wall organizer for storing documents.

17. Plastic organizers

Original plastic organizers for storing household supplies.

18. Storage of lacquers and other makeup accessories.

Lucky and other makeup accessories can be stored on ordinary plastic or wooden shelves.

19. Shelves for shoes

In the free corner of the hallway you can place a stylish and compact shelf for shoes that can be easily made from metal pipes.

20. Wall key hanger

Exclusive wall key holder, which will be not only practical detail, but also an elegant decoration of the hallway.