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15 plague-style interiors of small bathrooms, where designers were given complete freedom of fantasy


It seems that a bathroom where it is difficult to turn around is a space that any interior designer will refuse to work with.

But do not underestimate the creative abilities of true professionals.

A fresh selection of small bathroom interiors proves that they can also become a real work of art.

1. Luxurious neoclassical

The interior is in neoclassical style.

Such a bathroom, the interior of which amazes with its magnificence, will be appropriate in the palace. Natural materials, high-quality textiles and plumbing create an exceptional atmosphere.

2. Cozy country

Interior bathroom in country style.

Features of the interior of a small bathroom - soft colors, diluted with a spray of white, and the abundance of complex textures. Due to this, a quiet and cozy atmosphere arises in the smallest room.

3. Maximum contrasts

Black and white combined bathroom.

Black and white combination for the bathroom - one of the most advantageous. After all, white plumbing already sets the component of this color duet, which has already become a classic.

4. Extravagant retro

Contrasting interior of a small bathroom.

Gold successfully revives the restrained black and white gamut that prevails in the interior of a small bathroom. The result is an extravagant style with retro notes.

5. The Mirror Kingdom

The interior is decorated with many mirrors.

The mirror is a practical and aesthetic decor that does not take up extra space even in a small bathroom. The golden frame gives the mirrors and the interior a whole solemn look.

6. In warm colors of spices

Interior in brown and gold tones.

Golden brown is a win-win choice if you want to create a luxurious interior with a minimum of costs. And the mirror wall visually increases the miniature space.

7. Expressive eclecticism

The interior of a small bathroom in eclectic style.

Who said that warm and cold shades are not combined? The harmonious interior in eclectic style, dominated by yellow and gray, convincingly proves the opposite.

8. Photowall-paper for the most courageous

The interior is decorated with photo wallpapers.

Photowall-paper on which drawing possesses prospect - excellent option for visual increase in space. Typically, designers advise landscapes. But for a small bathroom another solution was chosen, striking in its boldness.


Bathroom in a nautical style.

The unusual decor of the walls transforms the quite ordinary interior of a small bathroom. As the shelves for the marine decor used wide moldings.

10. For those who are not afraid of heights.

A small bathroom with photo wallpapers.

Visually, the lack of space in a small bathroom was corrected with photo wallpaper with a perspective. How comfortable a person feels in such a room is in question. But, without any doubt, the interior was memorable.

11. If not dizzy

Wallpaper in the decoration of a small bathroom.

Wallpapers with small patterns, which are plastered with all the walls in a small bathroom, create an interesting visual effect. The boundaries of space begin to blur, as it were, and the room seems larger.

12. A riot of colors

Bright interior of a small bathroom.

The abundance of contrasting colors does not make a small bathroom smaller. The secret is that the background for such an abundance of colors is neutral white.

13. Sweet peas

Unusual interior of a small bathroom.

An accent wall in a small bathroom will visually enlarge it. And accessories with a complex texture will make the interior at home nice and cozy.

14. Mini gallery

Interior with lots of wall decor.

The wall decor transforms the standard interior of a small knot without taking away precious square centimeters.

15. Under the gaze

Bathroom with a big picture.

The interior of such a bathroom will not be ignored even by the most sophisticated guest. Attention is guaranteed to the guest himself, as the beautiful lady assesses him from the picture.