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10 ideas how to rationally use the kitchen corners and squeeze the maximum out of them


Considering that very small space is allocated in the average apartment of the kitchen, the actual question is how to place all the necessary furniture and appliances so that the room can move freely.

Angles are a great solution. Although this element is very inconvenient and can puzzle anyone, but according to interior designers, it can be used rationally, thereby saving valuable square meters in the room. We have selected for you some interesting ideas that will help get the most out of the corners in the kitchen.

1. Swivel carousels in lower cabinets

Swiveling carousel for lazy hostesses.

Turning carousel in the lower cabinets came up with the Americans. They call this invention "lazy Susan", which fully reflects the essence of the invention. Even if the kitchen will have one such device, the life of the hostess will be much easier.

With the rotary carousel, located in the corner cabinet, you can store a lot of dishes, kitchen devices, spices in a small area. All this will be available in one movement of your hand. "Lazy Susan" will provide a large amount of space to accommodate any things, and also involves an uncomfortable corner cabinet.

2. Folding doors

Folding doors help wisely use the space in the corner.

If you have the financial opportunity, instead of the usual doors for kitchen cabinets, it is better to choose folding. They will help you to rationally use all the angular space.

Tip: The ideal addition to the beautiful and ergonomic kitchen will be a pressure opening system. With its help, you can open the door with one hand movement, without putting much effort into it.

3. Corner drawers

Corner drawers save space.

Many hostesses think that the boxes placed in the corner is inconvenient. In fact, the angular location allows you to get quick access to the contents of the boxes. In addition, thanks to a non-standard form, you can distribute "unformatted" objects according to their purpose, without using special constructions and dividers. The final number of drawers will depend on how tall your cabinet is: in small models you will be able to use only one, in larger ones - three or four.

Diagonal cabinet will fill the empty space.

If the kitchen has an empty corner, and you are sorely lacking storage systems, then we advise you to fill it with a diagonal cabinet. It will not only connect adjacent walls, fill the corner space, but will also be an excellent place to store dishes, kitchen appliances, cereals and some other products.

By the way, next to the cabinet you can equip a shelf to accommodate household appliances. So you can decide on the location of the microwave, multicooker or electric kettle, for which there is always not enough space in the kitchen.

A diagonal cabinet is not always included in the kit of the kitchen set, so it is quite possible that you will need to buy it separately in a store or order a model according to individual measurements. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a new storage system, then you can easily place the standard design at an angle of 45 degrees and, thereby, get a diagonal module.

5. Office for small household appliances between the upper and lower cabinets

In the compartment you can place a kettle, toaster, blender.

Usually, there is not enough space on the tabletop for small household appliances, such as a coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc. They could easily be placed in the lower cabinets, but here we are faced with another problem - it would be inconvenient for the equipment to reach them. To effectively solve both of these problems, you can build a corner compartment between the upper and lower cabinets. When you need, for example, a coffee maker, you can easily push it out of a special groove. For the rest of the time, it will not occupy valuable space.

6. Open shelves

On the open shelves you can place dishes, cans for bulk.

According to the information, more recently, open shelves have become very popular when it comes to interior design of the kitchen. And this is not surprising, because with their help you can save space in the room, expand the space. In addition, on this design it is easy to find the right jars and dishes, which will significantly save the time of the hostess. Open shelves are easy to place in the corner. At the same time, they perform all the functions of wall cabinets, but they are much cheaper. Another plus is easy installation and disassembly. You can replace the shelf at any time or move it to another wall without the help of professionals. By the way, this is an ideal solution for rooms with a non-standard ceiling height. A striking example is the attic.

If you are afraid that dishes and kitchen utensils will constantly be covered with dust on the open shelves, then find another use for them. They can easily store the above-mentioned small appliances, cooking books, scales, jars of cereals and so on.

7. Storeroom

Pantry can be in the form of a cabinet.

If the angle to which you did not find use turned out to be in the working area, then you can arrange a pantry there. And depending on the amount of space, there are different variations. If there are a lot of free square meters, put shelving in the corner, which together will resemble a shop window. If the area is small, then the ideal solution would be a narrow closet. One more plus of the storeroom is that it can be located both in the niche and separately.

8. Washing

Corner washer saves space.

Usually, the space that is under the corner cabinet is enough to accommodate the sink. Some housewives rightly believe that corner plumbing is inconvenient. However, it significantly saves space in the kitchen, does not clutter up space, adds aesthetics to the interior and implements the principle of the working triangle, when all the necessary things are located at arm's length. In addition, if there is a window with a beautiful view of the city or nature, then every time you wash the dishes you will enjoy the beautiful scenery.

9. Breakfast nook + mini office

Countertop can be used for lunch and work.

If in your small apartment there is no place for a mini-office at all, then it is quite possible to equip it in the kitchen, because you don’t need much space to install a laptop. To do this, place a tabletop in the corner, behind which you can eat first and then work. If there is no free corner at the wall, do not worry. For the realization of your goal you have enough angular kitchen island.

10. Top cabinets without doors

Cabinets without doors are not as bulky as classic models with doors.

Do not like open shelves, but do you think standard wall cabinets are too massive? Then for you there is a middle ground - a cabinet without doors. It has two advantages: firstly, such a model will perform a practical function, being an additional storage system. And, secondly, the locker will decorate the kitchen and will be able to show your guests the beautiful sets of dishes that you place inside.