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5 practical tips on how to place a washing machine in a tiny bathroom

A small bathroom is always a huge problem for its owners.

After all, too many functional tasks are assigned to this room, and it is necessary to use the available space as rationally as possible.

The following design tricks and tips will help you place your washing machine and intelligently organize a small space.

Interior bathroom with installed washing machine.

Naturally, the bathroom of a modest size, even the most brilliant designers are not able to turn into a large room. But with the proper organization of the available space, and even with the introduction of some visual subtleties and tricks, the tiny bathroom can turn into a beautiful, cozy and multifunctional room.

You can even install a washing machine in the tiniest bathroom.

Interesting and useful materials on how to rationally furnish a bathroom can be found on our pages. And in today's material we will try to show how to correctly place the washing machine in a mini-bathroom without compromising the comfort and beauty of the interior decoration.

Options for placing a washing machine in a small bathroom.

1. Placing the washing machine near the sink

Washing machine and water dispenser eaten by the same table top.

Stylish design of a small bathroom in which the washing machine is installed.

This option is one of the most popular bathroom design techniques. To create a pleasant picture and harmony in the interior, it would not be bad to combine them with a single tabletop.

A large mirror mounted above the countertop will visually enlarge the bathroom.

The original placement of the washing machine and washstand in a small bathroom.

Multi-level placement of the washing machine and washbasin.

Very compact and unusual version of the placement of the washing machine, when it is under a massive tabletop, and the sink on it. Such a solution is permissible only in the case when the washbasin can be raised higher.

2. Placing the washing machine in a niche (if any)

An interesting option for placing a washing machine in a niche.

If the bathroom has a niche, then this part can be over-rational use, using every centimeter of it. In this case, the options mass and the following ideas will help determine which of them is suitable for you.

If the bathroom has a niche, then it is more expedient to install a washing machine in it.

If you wish and there is not enough space, you can make a niche yourself.

3. Placing the washing machine under the flat wash basin

Washing machine can be placed under the sink.

Washing machine is better to hide in the cabinet under the sink.

Even if there is very little space, there is still a way out!

A very original version that will help you make the most of the tiny space available. But he has a significant drawback - the sink will be too high. But if there is no other choice, then this compact tandem will become a real lifesaver.

4. Placement of the washing machine in the cabinet

The washing machine can be hidden in the closet.

The cabinet for the machine can be made low, with a shelf and table top.

Lockers for washing machines with curtains instead of doors.

A very practical option, because you can buy a special pencil case or make the locker yourself. Moreover, the second option allows you to plan the size and height. If there is already very little space, then instead of the door you can just hang a beautiful curtain and try to use the height of the room to create as many shelves as possible on which you can store towels and personal hygiene products.

5. Placing the washing machine near the shower

Instead of the bathroom, you can install a shower and a washing machine.

If there is not enough space, then it is better to get a washing machine with a vertical load.

If you remove the bath, it will be possible even in the smallest bathroom to install the machine.

This option will be possible if you decide to replace the bath on the shower stall. If you get rid of such an overall detail, then there will be a place not only for the installation of a washing machine, but also for additional lockers or dressers, and even it will turn out to attach a laundry basket. At the same time, there will still be living space for freer movement.