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17 household lotions that impress with their simplicity and genius


17 household lotions that impress with their simplicity and genius

Every day, each of us has some small tasks, the solution of which can pretty spoil the mood.

How to quickly deal with headphones, how to get rid of dust when drilling a hole, how to smash a cat in a pot - we have found the answers to these and other questions.

1. we protect the walls

We decorate the walls carefully.

If you want to decorate the walls with posters or photos and at the same time not damage the wallpaper, use this simple trick with a paper clip and a magnet. To realize your idea, you will need to fasten the paper clip on the wall with adhesive tape, and then use a magnet to hang a picture.

2. Marks for mounting

We make inconspicuous marks for fixtures.

In order not to draw marks on the wall and thus not to spoil it, use masking tape for this purpose. Put a mark on it, drive in nails, and then carefully remove the tape.

3. Hammer for meat

Hammer chops.

If you decide to cook chops, and the house does not have a special hammer for meat, do not despair, use the usual one. No, no, we in the editorial office are not crazy, an ordinary hammer can actually replace the kitchen one, if it is slightly improved. Its upgrade is that you need to wind the plug to the handle, but you must wash the tool thoroughly beforehand.

4. Show marks

Tagging tools.

To ensure that the marks on the instrument are well read, we recommend covering them with white varnish. After the varnish dries, wipe the surface around with acetone. The varnish will flow into the grooves and the marks will be read easily.

5. Headphones

Quickly distinguish headphones.

If you do not want to understand for a long time where the right one is and where the left earpiece is, use rezinochki different colors.

Temporary laptop cover repair.

It happens that the mechanism that supports the lid of the laptop, suddenly breaks. As a temporary solution to the problem, you can use a photo frame. Stick it to the cover and it will not fall.

7. Packing things

Pack quickly and compactly.

If you have to quickly collect clothes for moving, use large garbage bags and ropes. Pack clothes right along with hangers, dividing them into small groups.

8. Chilled sponge

Compress of sponge.

Right now put in the freezer kitchen sponge, packaged in a zip-package. If necessary, it can be used as a compress, which, unlike ice, will not flow when it melts. In addition, a frozen sponge can be used to keep you cool in a container of food that you take with you to work or to travel.

9. Wrench size

Adjust the size of the wrench.

If you need to unscrew or twist something, and the wrench that is on hand is too large, adjust its size with one or two coins.

10. Mark the holes

Accurately mark the holes.

Do you have to hang something small on the wall? In this case, use this non-standard advice, which will most accurately mark and drill holes for fasteners. To do this, you will need to ксkserokopirovat side with places for mounting, and then attach a copy to the wall and drill holes.

11. Fastening the tablet

Hooks for the tablet.

Attach to the wall 3-4 household hooks with Velcro and you get a convenient mount for the tablet. By the way, in this way you can make a mount for your phone. Such a trick will allow you to comfortably fix the device in the kitchen or in the bathroom to do business without interrupting your favorite series.

12. Suspended storage

Save space in the fridge.

If there are lattice shelves in your refrigerator, use them for hanging storage of packages with pre-packaged salad, chilled vegetables and semi-finished products. This trick will allow you to clean up the chamber and win more shelf space.

13. One instead of two

Use one battery.

Some devices are able to work from a single battery. True for this it will have to be placed diagonally. Keep in mind, batteries for a long time will not be enough so that use this trick only in emergency cases.

14. Dust container

Drill without dust.

To drill a hole above your head and not become covered with dust, put a trimmed plastic cup on the place of fixing the drill. Most of the dust gets into it, and your eyes and hair will remain clean.

15. Airplane Phone Stand

Homemade phone holder.

Put your phone in a zip-package, and that, in turn, hang on a hook located on the back of the seat that is in front of you. Done! You have just built a convenient stand for your phone to enjoy your favorite movie during the flight.

16. Alternative to bedside table

Instead of a bedside table.

Competently tucked sheet will allow you to place the most necessary things near the bed in case you spend the night in a room that does not have bedside tables.

17. Protection of indoor plants

We protect plants from cats.

Many domestic cats dig the ground out of pots with houseplants or become paws there to feast on their favorite flower. To brush off the tailed pranksters will help toothpicks. Insert 10-15 pieces, and over time your pet will give up trying to destroy the plants.