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7 nontrivial ways to mask an unaesthetic central heating radiator


The battery is not the most beautiful part of the interior of the house.

Especially when it comes to the old Soviet-type battery.

Around me, a fine needle repair, and this harmonica in the most prominent place spoils everything.

The material will show seven very original and non-trivial ways to mask the radiator.

1. A panel of pressed wood chips

In our opinion, it looks very dignified.

Very inexpensive carved panels of pressed wood waste with a wide variety of cross-cutting patterns can be found in any building supermarket. The price of the issue for the finished homemade screen on the old radiator is about 10-15 dollars. These panels do not crack during the heating season, they are not deformed by the temperature difference. The only thing they fear is water. Therefore, you should carefully water the flowers on the windowsill when they are available, and during wet cleaning the floor you need to remove the screen.

Such panels are usually sold at a size of 70 * 100 cm.

The panels are sold unpainted and coated with varnish on the front side, which means that a variety of colors is not expected. They, as a rule, are slightly lighter or slightly darker, but in the framework of the "wood" color scheme.

Any screen size will provide you with the simplest quick fixes.

Since the size of the radiator and its drowning in the niche under the window in each apartment can be individual, you will have to work a little with a hacksaw. And fasten the two parts of the finished screen will help the penny corner fasteners with bolts that are sold in the departments of building accessories absolutely in any size. The openness of these screens allows you to place the bolts anywhere, in any through element (this is very convenient).

2. Curtain

Casket sometimes opens simply.

Sometimes it is not at all necessary to reinvent the wheel in matters of masking the battery. Why not use a curtain? Sometimes the radiator is placed in such places of the room, which may well be covered with a curtain to the floor in the "27/7" mode. This applies to corner batteries, batteries in living rooms or children's rooms.

Semi-camouflage for modern battery.

A modern radiator is usually not very irritating to the eye, but it would be appropriate to partially camouflage it with a veil from modern curtain fabric.

3. Big Teddy Bear

Mi-mi-mi solution!

This solution is certainly the most expensive in this collection, but if there are children in the apartment or just loved people who love plush toys, then why not make them happy with a giant teddy bear? And at the same time disguise an ugly radiator. Bear will become the keeper of the home when it sits in front of the radiator. He will surely be a favorite hot spot, children and adults will adore sitting on it in the evenings, watching their favorite movies or TV shows.

For such a bear, you can hide yourself.

Some toy factories offer products at very affordable prices. Probably the lowest issue price can be offered by AliExpress and the Belarusian toy factory "FANCY".

4. The advice of our grandmothers: a blanket to match the interior

Very comfortable.

When in Soviet times in winter, the batteries “sparred” so that there was nothing to breathe, our grandmothers found the right solution: to close the radiator with a rug. Immediately it became less hot and stuffy. Why not repeat this trick in our time?

Kittens will appreciate for sure!

You can pick up a blanket to match the main interior details of the room and thereby beat such a case for the radiator.

5. Painting

Creative solution.

If you buy a picture of heat-resistant material, for example, plastic, then it will be an excellent screen for the battery. At this point, the flight of fantasy cannot be stopped - from the reproductions of the masters of the Renaissance to the modern Japanese manga.

Even if you don't believe in unicorns, unicorns believe in you ...

Someone would prefer the image of mythological creatures, as in the photo a little higher ...

Pleasing to the eye)))

... and someone would prefer an image that will permanently please the eye of a real man, as in this photo.

Neutral painting.

But such a neutral design is suitable for any interior.

6. Flexible rug made of thin wooden beams

Little eastern note.

Despite the fact that such an accessory seems to be a touch of the East, in reality it is quite easily available at a sports store such as "SportMaster."

Zen design.

This multifunctional product can be used both as a rug for a bathroom, and as a stand for various objects, and as a table for outdoor oriental teas. Well, in our material it has found its use as a screen on the radiator.

7. Classic: hinged grille of the modern look.

Quite nice!

The good old metal hinged grille on a Soviet-type battery will not go out of fashion for a long time. The times are standing still, and now not all such grids are as ugly as they were 50 years ago.

Quite nice!

A worthy competition to metal hinged grilles will be able to be made of plastic and other modern heat-resistant materials.

Sovushki for the nursery (and not only!) Room.

The disadvantage in their selection may be the standard size of the gratings in a particular store, which may not be suitable for a specific radiator. It is precisely with this that the author encountered, and therefore resorted to the first solution of this collection - a homemade screen from a panel of pressed wood waste.