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13 practical tips to help competently draw "Khrushchev"


Most of our compatriots know firsthand how to live in apartments with a small area.

The necessary pieces of furniture occupy almost all the free space, and there is no need to talk about a bathroom in which there is no place to turn around.

However, the design idea is bearing fruit, and even the usual "Khrushchev" can be transformed dramatically.

1. Cupboard under the sink

Cupboard under the sink in a small bath.

You can not even imagine how much space you can win by choosing the right cabinet under the sink. Remember, it must be easy and elegant, repeat the colors of the walls and not stand on the floor. Yes, yes, the most important thing is that the pedestal should be suspended. Designers experimented a lot, watched and came to the conclusion: everything that does not concern the floor, as if it does not exist.

2. Color to color

Kitchen set in the color of the walls.

Want to add space to a small kitchen? Then choose a set with smooth facades in the color of the walls. In our opinion, light shades work best in small rooms: white, light gray, salad, milk or blue. But dark colors are able to absorb light, which is why a small room seems even smaller and darker.

3. In the air

Furniture on the legs.

A classic sofa, an old chest of drawers, a huge wardrobe - all this, of course, is good, but not in a typical small size. The first rule that designers are guided by in arranging small apartments is that the furniture should be as simple, elegant and light as possible. Second, it must "float" above the floor. To achieve this effect you need to choose furniture with legs.

4. Doors

Glass doors or lack thereof.

If you want to create a feeling of spaciousness in your small apartment, you better abandon the massive dark doors. Such doors will only emphasize the very modest boundaries of the rooms and will “weight down” the space. Where better to prefer the options of frosted glass, easy sliding structures or even abandon the door where you can do without them.

5. Transparent furniture

Light transparent furniture.

Furniture made of transparent glass or plastic tends to "dissolve" in space. Of course, such pieces of furniture take up space, but they do not look bulky and heavy, which cannot be said of a natural wood bed with massive legs or a huge wardrobe.

6. Nothing more

No excess items.

The abundance of furniture and decor items in small rooms create an atmosphere of disorder and chaos, which are disastrous in small rooms. Therefore, instead of making an apartment with armchairs, bedside tables and filling the sofa with decorative pillows, we recommend paying attention to quality. Focus on interesting, functional furniture and austere décor.

7. Choose circles

Fall in love with circles.

Avoid sharp corners, better prefer circular objects. Smooth sleek lines distract attention from the modest size of the room and visually smooth the corners. So, the round carpet, nightstand and table will perfectly fit into the interior of a one-room apartment or a small bedroom.

8. Total white

Choose white.

White color has been kept at the top of interior fashion for several years now. And it is not surprising, because it is the color of pleasant coolness, spaciousness and purity. In addition, white is the best solution when it comes to a small room. In combination with good lighting, they fill the room with air and create a sense of space.

9. "Correct" chandelier

Small room - a small chandelier.

Choosing a chandelier and looking at a pompous crystal lamp in a classic style? You'd better abandon this option, at least until you buy a spacious apartment or a house with high ceilings. For small rooms, it is better to choose a small ceiling lamp, a few spotlights and a few floor lamps or sconces.

10. Translucent curtains

Light curtains.

No matter how pompous the heavy curtains look, they are no longer in vogue. Moreover, they certainly are not suitable for window decoration in a small apartment. Most often, small spaces and so suffer from a lack of light. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to choose light translucent curtains, Roman curtains or blinds.

11. Accent wall

Accent wall in the bedroom.

Nothing distracts attention from the modest size of the room, as the accent wall. Saturated color, eye-catching design or original decoration will add depth to the space and make the room interesting.

12. Built-in wardrobes

Embedded systems.

Built-in storage systems are real finds of modernity. They are simply created for small rooms, they contain a lot of necessary things and, moreover, they do not occupy space at all.

13. Low-key patterns

Minimum patterns

Many designers claim that the active patterns on the walls can divert attention from the modest size of the room. However, this is not entirely true. Too active pictures on the walls can act depressingly, put pressure on the psyche and even more narrow the boundaries. So, if you do not want to harm, choose a neutral wallpaper with a low-key pattern.

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