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17 original curtains, which will be a functional highlight of any bathroom


17 original curtains, which will be a functional highlight of any bathroom

Attention readers a small review, which were collected examples of incredibly functional, stylish and comfortable curtains for any bathroom.

Among the options offered, everyone will be able to find what he really likes.

1. Shutter with a simple pattern

Polyethylene curtain with a pattern.

An inexpensive polyethylene curtain with a simple pattern can be a practical solution for any bath, but only for a while, as polyethylene is not durable, it quickly breaks, gets dirty and looks too cheap.

2. Blind with pocket

Blind with a pocket for gadgets.

Curtain made of thick polyester with a sealed pocket for a phone or tablet will be a real boon for people who do not intend to part with their electronic "toys" even during water procedures.

3. Soft curtain with pickups

Soft polyester curtain.

Beautiful curtain of soft polyester, decorated with a democratic pattern and bright pickups will be a real decoration of a modern bathroom and will last for many years.

4. Cloth curtains

Long fabric curtains.

Elegant fabric curtains of a pleasant pastel color will add notes of nobility and luxury to the interior of even the simplest bathroom. However, such curtains need to be treated with a hydrophobic agent that will protect it from moisture, dirt and fungus.

5. Colored glass partition

Static glass partition decorated with painting.

The original glass partition decorated with painting is a stylish solution for the interior of a modern bath. Such partitions are made of durable, shock-resistant glass and installed on the side of the bath, covering only half of it.

6. Bathroom Screen

Screen with spikelets.

Decorative floor screen, decorated with realistic images of spikelets, will help become a stylish detail of any bathroom and help create an atmosphere of warmth and harmony with nature.

7. Spiked Shutter

Bright curtain with spikes.

Funny polyethylene curtain with bright spikes that inflate from the pair.

8. Glass partition

A partition from glass blocks.

A partition made of glass blocks will not only protect the bath from splashes, but will also become an elegant decoration of the bathroom.

9. Glass curtain

Sliding glass curtain for the bath.

A sliding glass curtain is probably the most reliable type of bathroom curtains, which can fully protect the floor and walls of the bathroom from splashes and steam. However, installing such a curtain, you should pay special attention to the quality of fittings and mechanisms.

10. Glass doors

Oar glass doors.

Swing doors made of glass will be a very original alternative to the usual curtain for the bath.

11. Roller blinds

Rolled curtains for the bath.

Rolled curtains with a simple geometric print will be a very original solution for a modern bathroom. Curtains of this type are attached to the ceiling, do not require washing and, if necessary, can be easily hidden.

12. Shutter on the chains.

Shutter on long chains.

A thick curtain of polyester, which is attached to the eaves with the help of long thin chains, which are both functional and decorative details.

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13. Curtain with frills

White curtain with frills.

A charming fabric curtain with frills will be a wonderful decoration and a cozy detail of the bathroom, decorated in the style of shebby-chic, Provence or country.

14. Curtain with octopus

Curtain with the image of an octopus.

The original thick curtain with an image of an octopus will decorate and enliven the boring bathroom interior.

15. Landscape

Blind with the image of the forest landscape.

A delightful polyester curtain, decorated with a realistic image of the forest landscape, will help to refresh and decorate the interior of any bathroom.

16. Royal curtains

Rag curtains with carved cornice.

Fabric curtains of a muted pink hue, fixed on a massive figured eaves, will be a spectacular detail of the bathroom and bring to the interior notes of noble chic.

17. Shutter with sleeves

Transparent curtain with sleeves.

A simple plastic curtain with sleeves that will help wash the dog without wetting your clothes and hands is a great invention for owners of large dogs.