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10 ways to freshen up the interior of the bathroom, spending all the minimum time


Even the most stylish and modern apartment renovation once bored.

Then there is a desire to update the interior, add comfort to it, but at the same time do not spend a lot of financial resources on the upgrade.

In this article we will discuss how to modernize housing with their own hands.

Let's start with the bathroom.

Get rid of unnecessary things.

On the shelves a lot of jars and tubes that you do not use? A large laundry basket takes up half the bathroom, but is it almost always empty? A wall cabinet for towels and bathing accessories is packed to capacity, although you forgot when you last opened it? We propose to conduct a real audit and get rid of all unnecessary (and immediately forget about the thought "what if this thing is still useful"). After carrying out this procedure, you will immediately see how much larger, lighter and cozier your bathroom has become.

The bathroom should be bright and spacious.

Pay attention to the state of the tile

There are two options for the development of events: if the tile does not fall off, does not crack and looks quite decent, it is better to simply update the grout. Thus, you can refresh the finish, spending a minimum of funds.

But if some of the tiles have already outlived their own, replace them with variants of the same size but different colors. The resulting "mosaic" will be a bright accent in the room and allow it to play with new colors.

You can pick up beautiful tiles in specialized stores from the remnants of last year’s collections. So you can save a lot.

From the tile you can make a beautiful, bright accent.

How about a new shower curtain?

Due to the fact that the bathroom has a small size and in most cases is made in a uniform color scheme, you can change its interior in a matter of minutes, thanks to several bright details. One of them is a shower curtain. We propose to abandon the boring monotonous options and buy a really bright thing that will harmoniously fit into the environment.

Bright shower curtain adds comfort.

Long live the new towels!

Towels and bathrobes are essential in the bathroom. Therefore, we propose to combine business with pleasure - to please yourself with new things, and at the same time diversify the interior of the room. If the bathroom is decorated in soothing colors, feel free to buy bright textiles. If, on the contrary, it is too variegated, then your goal is unobtrusive, monochromatic products.

New towels - like a breath of fresh air.

On the issue of storage of things

Proper organization of space - a pledge that the bathroom will always be the things you need, but at the same time, it will remain bright and spacious. Various organizers, beautiful wooden boxes are the easiest way to get rid of the feeling of "clutter" and, at the same time, transform the bathroom beyond recognition. In addition, these accessories will help either support the overall design style, or make bright accents, which will always look at.

Organize the space in the bathroom with the help of organizers and boxes.

Good lighting

Only in melodramas do the main characters take a bath with candles or in the muffled light, which creates a romantic atmosphere. But in real life it is more and more prosaic - the bathroom serves as a place for daily hygiene procedures, so it is in your best interest to take care of good lighting. However, to combine business with pleasure, you can think about the extra light that will accompany you on cozy evenings in the foam bath.

The bathroom should have good lighting.

New rug

Maybe this is a banal way, but no less effective. The new mat is able to transform the interior of the bathroom, add to it the brightness and a touch of novelty. Note that you do not require much effort and high financial costs.

Bright rug can change the room beyond recognition.

By the way, if you are fond of hand-made, then you can easily make an original rug with your own hands. To do this you will need wine corks, glue and cardboard base. Such a product not only looks stylish, emphasizes your individual style, but also retains heat well, which is very important for the bathroom.

Wine cork rug is an original interior complement.

Add plants

Plants are a universal way that helps to make the interior beautiful and cozy. The bathroom can also accommodate several potted flowers in stylish pots. Prefer those plants that are accustomed to moisture and lack of light, otherwise in a short time they will wither.

Plants will revive the interior and clean the air.

Do not forget the flavors

According to research results, smells greatly affect how a person perceives the environment and the interior in particular. Therefore, when making a bathroom do not forget about the flavors. They should be unobtrusive, as natural and natural as possible. Otherwise, the aromas will only annoy you and spoil your mood.

A pleasant aroma in the bathroom will help to relax.

Jewelry storage

Before making water procedures, girls prefer to remove jewelry, in order not to accidentally damage them while swimming. However, more often the representatives of the fair sex put them on the side of the bathroom, the sink and in other places that are clearly not intended for these purposes. Therefore, it is in your interest to provide a special box or a bright plate for rings, chains and other jewelry. They will also perform a decorative function and become a bright detail.

Take care that you have where to put the jewelry.