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7 ways to effectively combat interior dust

Vacuum cleaner in the house is not always an effective remedy against dust - it's like fighting windmills. Although dust is a rather cunning adversary and can quietly get into an apartment, but it can be effectively dealt with.

Do you know what dust really is? This is a rather complex mixture of dirt, containing various particles depending on the place in which it is collected. These are mainly particles of sand, hair, animal hair, various pollen that enter the apartment through windows and doors, as well as pieces of the epidermis.

The list of those present in house dust is complemented by microscopic arachnids or mites. Their droppings can be a strong allergen that causes a tiresome cough, runny nose, and even shortness of breath. Therefore, if there are allergies among your family members, the more you should effectively deal with household dust.

House cleaning

If your fight against dust needs to be effective, it's time to say goodbye to the past. Traditional cloth and dust cloth do not lead to anything. If during the cleaning you get dust clouds, you probably know that cleaning the house does not make much sense. Use the correct accessories for cleaning. For example, it is worth referring to electrostatic fabric, because it attracts dust particles. Microfiber cloths show similar performance. The structure of this fabric allows it to capture much more dirt particles than in the case of ordinary cotton napkins.

Take off your shoes

We bring a lot of dirt on the sole of our shoes for apartments. On the one hand, bacteria that are invisible to the eyes, and on the other, sand particles, which are one of the components of dust. Unfortunately, carefully wiping the sole on the mat - even vigorous rubbing of shoes will not solve the problem. Try to remove shoes after entering the apartment, and cleaning the house will be less burdensome. Also think about how to behave when guests visit you, and the problem of shoes will appear from the threshold of your house.

Air cleaning

The next step in effective house cleaning is air cleaning. For this purpose it is best to use air cleaners or humidifiers. Devices of this type remove airborne dust, dust and dirt particles. If you decide to buy an air purifier, make sure that it is equipped with filters that remove most of the dirt.

If the equipment additionally has a carbon filter, it will also remove unpleasant odors from the apartment. Before buying, also check the performance of the cleaner - it should be adapted to the size of the room in which the equipment will work, which will effectively remove dust.

Change bedding often

It is desirable once a week. It is not enough that the bed is a flat surface, that is, an ideal place where dust can settle, it is still covered with pillows, bedding, and blankets. Every time you go to bed, clouds of dust that previously grew old in your bed rise.

There is only one piece of advice - change bedding often. As a result, not only will your skin condition improve, you will sleep better, it will be easier for you to clean the house. Same benefits, right? For your health, it is also worth using bedspreads that will limit the accumulation of dust directly on the blanket and pillows.

Vacuum cleaner - the enemy from the dust number 1

This device is much more efficient than a broom, which actually helps you remove some of the dirt from the floor, but the amount of dust that will rise into the air during sweeping will effectively eliminate all efforts. It is worth buying a vacuum cleaner, equipped with powerful filters, which are characterized by the highest rate of air filtration, even from microscopic stains. In addition, do not forget to regularly change bags and clean the filters in the vacuum cleaner - thanks to this, it not only absorbs dirt better, but also reduces the number of particles that enter the room with the air that is inhaled by the vacuum cleaner.

Cozy minimalism

For all lovers of rugs, heavy curtains, curtains and other home textiles it is useful to know that these things attract dust most of all. Worst of all with rugs, because the threads penetrate deeply into their fibers. If you want to effectively deal with dust and dust in your home, check out the interior design. Perhaps, instead of a set of curtains and curtains, just one of them is enough - it is always a little less than the fabric on which dust settles.

Living plants

They refresh the air in the house. But you need to follow them: spray the leaves, as dust settles on them. If the house has artificial flowers, you should rinse them under running water. So the dust will be less. It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to sterilize the apartment. We also need dust. In the end, we are talking about the resistance of the body, which is formed, among other things, through contact with microorganisms in the dust.