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Not only for flowers: 8 ideas for using a window sill to help you add space in your apartment


In most apartments, the window sill is only a stand for indoor plants and a place to store various trifles, such as statuettes. However, designers consider this approach to this functional element to be a real crime. There are many creative ideas for the non-standard use of a window sill, the most popular of which are presented in our article.

Sometimes the place for the location of a piece of furniture is completely lacking. Usually such difficulties are experienced by owners of small apartments. But even in close odnushke you can place everything your heart desires. The main thing - to know how to properly use your existing space. Including, and a window sill. Let's competently approach this issue and choose from the following options the one that is most suitable for your purposes.

1. Resting place

A soft mattress and pillows will make an excellent sitting area out of the windowsill.

If the only place to relax in your apartment is a sofa, then you need to urgently look for an alternative to it. Sill is fine. It can be used as a bench or sofa, but only if there are low windows indoors. In order for the rest area to be comfortable and safe, it should be located at a level of 50 cm from the floor and have a width of more than 60 cm. In this case, you will not have to put up a stool to climb onto the window sill, and you can sit there without any inconvenience. .

The most successful option is the wooden base of the window sill, as it is durable and reliable. To make it soft and comfortable will help the mattress, made to suit the size of the window sill, as well as small decorative pillows. If you do not want to bother too much, then instead of a mattress, lay a blanket and take another one to hide. As you can see, a little effort, and you have already become the owner of an excellent place to relax, where you can read your favorite book and drink a cup of hot coffee.

2. Kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktop can be made from the windowsill to save space in the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the smallest rooms in the apartment, despite the fact that there you need to place a lot of dimensional furniture and household appliances. To save valuable square meters and, at the same time, make the room cozy and spacious, use the window sill. Since its height usually coincides with the height of a standard table top, make a comfortable work surface out of this element. This solution has many advantages. First, you will save space to accommodate a refrigerator or kitchenette. Secondly, the zone will be as much as possible illuminated by natural light, which will make it possible not to turn on the lighting before dusk. And, thirdly, while cooking, you can admire a wonderful view from the window, if it does not go out into the courtyards.

Tip: To keep free space in vain, place a cabinet for storing kitchen utensils and dishes or a dishwasher under the countertop. If there is a radiator just in this place, then there will be no extra lattices for air circulation, which will help to hide it from prying eyes.

3. Bar counter

The bar counter of the window sill is appropriate if there is a beautiful view from the window.

If you are lucky to become the owner of the kitchen, the windows of which overlook not the gloomy neighboring house, but the beautiful city, then take advantage of the gift of fate and make a bar counter from the window sill. So you can both enjoy the beautiful view, and drink coffee, dine or work. Again, this approach will help save space in the kitchen, as the bar counter will perform and the dining area. According to our information, designers advise when choosing a material to focus on a stone or natural wood, as they are distinguished by reliability and safety.

4. Working area

The window sill can be used as a table for work.

If the apartment does not have enough space for an office or at least a mini-office, then use a window sill for these purposes. It can easily accommodate a laptop, the necessary office and several books. You can also add a few functional shelves under the window sill or on the side of the window, which will serve as a convenient place to store the necessary things. Thus, you not only become the owner of a comfortable place to work with natural light, but also be able to get rid of the bulky table, which occupied a large area in the room. By the way, this option is suitable not only for an adult, but also for the student.

5. Storage

Under the window sill you can make drawers, chest of drawers or put a wicker basket.

Now we are not talking about sending all souvenirs, soft toys and unnecessary trifles to the windowsill. So you just clutter up the functional space under the window. It is better to make a full-fledged chest of drawers, which can be filled with a large number of things that usually lie around you throughout the apartment. Such furniture can be ordered from a professional or do it yourself using an old nightstand. Ordinary boxes and baskets hidden under the window sill can also be used as storage space.

6. Shelves

Shelves near the window sill can be combined into a mini-library.

If you like to read, but all the cabinets in your house have long been occupied with all sorts of books, then it's time to organize a small library, which will be based on a window sill. Shelves for literature can be built at the bottom and on the sides. And if you put a blanket and pillows on the window-sill itself, then the complete set will turn into a cozy reading corner.

7. Decorative element

Candles, photos, souvenirs can be put on the windowsills.

The window sill may well become not so much a functional as a decorative element that will decorate the interior of the apartment. All you need for this is to decorate the place under the window with the help of candles, photos, beautiful home-made jars for the office. You can also beautifully put up books that you plan to read in the near future, so that they are always visible and do not allow you to ignore reading.

8. House for pet

On the windowsill, you can build a bed for the cat.

If your cat can watch what is happening on the street for hours, then make your pet a pleasant one - put his basket or house on the windowsill. So he will have the opportunity to admire nature, lying in a comfortable bed. As for dogs, it is better to place their place for sleep and rest in a niche under the window sill, since they do not like height very much.