Useful ideas

15 necessary for the order of things, spied in the apartments of perfectionists

Being "highly organized" now is not only useful, but also very fashionable. No, nothing in the field of biology: it's about those people who have everything at home on the shelves and nothing is lying around. How to become one of them and deal with the mess once and for all? For a start, get useful things, peeped in the apartments of the masters of the perfect order.

In order not to give a mess a single chance, the masters of the organization use a lot of tricks. For example, things from this list. They help maintain order and rule "to all your place."

1. "Plate" or key holder

In order not to look for the key in all pockets.

Because the keys tend to get lost / remain in another bag / pocket over that gray coat and further down the list. In order not to run around the house in shoes and physically feel, as you are late for work, get a special place for the keys. And always leave them there and only.

2. Shelf divider

So much more fit.

How to make three or even four of one long shelf? Use special plastic separators. Now you want, you do not want, and you have to fold clothes in neat piles. Like in the store.

3. Beautiful banks for cereals

Cool idea for both storage and decoration.

So your meal just will not start tasting any insect. And it will be possible to find the necessary cereal in a split second. And all this culinary composition just pleases the eye, right?

4. Board for storage

And the walls will remain intact

On a perforated board ("pegboard") you can attach not only sheets with notes and photos, as in detective films, but also small shelves and even hanging pots with plants. Moreover, there will be no traces on the wall. Great solution for a small rented apartment.

5. Plastic organizer for drawers

Ideal for cosmetics!

So in the box there will always be an ideal order and you don’t have to get it out of the closet in search of another “missing”. Mastkhev any girls!

6. Magnetic "hanger" for knives

Everything you need is at hand. And no rust.

With it, the knives will not exactly rust, as in a regular stand, and the cook will never make a mistake choosing the right one.

7.Organizer for cosmetic bottles

How to get used to carefully group cosmetics.

It’s not even necessary to look for such a thing in IKEA or in the open spaces of “Amazon”: an unnecessary tray or similar stand can be used. The main thing is that you will have a special place for all these cute bottles of beauty potions.

8. Kitchen rack stainless steel

Better than wood.

Why? Yes, because it takes up much less space in the kitchen than a classic wooden shelving. And on its shelves just will not start rust and other troubles.

9. Bright storage boxes

How do you have none yet?

They will hide from prying eyes all that is superfluous, and at the same time they will brighten up the interior. Just do not forget to mark each with a special sticker or sign, so as not to confuse it.

10. "Hanger" for pans and pots

Almost like grandma's in the village. Or in the kitchen of a professional chef.

Storage in this state will extend the life of the dishes. And the kitchen will give a charming zest.

11.Special storage space for earrings and other small jewelery.

Perfect size.

It turns out that this role copes well ... stand for eggs. But if the cardboard looks somehow not comme il faut, then the ceramic stand is another matter entirely.

12. Instead of a cabinet - a system of shelves and drawers.

Save space in the hallway.

The storage system eliminates the need to buy a bulky closet and thereby save valuable footage. And due to the "translucency" to maintain order and look for the right will be much easier. Such designers can easily be found in IKEA.

13. Glasses for cosmetic brushes

As in Instagram.

Without exaggeration: any woman should have this thing. Let's leave even convenience - the eye rejoices!

14. Instead of salt shakers and pepper shakers - magnets

Difficult magnets on the fridge.

Fun and practical solution: instead of containers for spices, use cute fridge magnets. No worse than standard travel souvenirs.

15. “Organizer” for toilet paper

Just a masthead.

So that the necessary things themselves do not end at the most inopportune moment. Master in 10 minutes from the basket and a suitable "cornice". And it is simply impossible to overestimate the convenience.