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15 unexpected tips that will be useful in home use


15 unexpected tips that will be useful in home use

Today, many are thinking about how to be more economical and thrifty.

It turns out that there are a lot of non-standard and creative ways that allow the use of seemingly ordinary household items in non-standard, but at the same time very useful, ways.

1. Fighting ants

Fight against ants.

Surely everyone in the kitchen got annoying ants. Instead of buying poison from the ants and scattering it around the kitchen, you can take regular grated cinnamon and sprinkle it a little in places where these insects are found. (An added bonus is that the kitchen and the house will smell like fresh cookies).

2. Using an old yoga mat

How to use the old yoga mat.

Usually, people throw away old worn yoga mats for a year or two. However, they can be placed under heavy cabinets or bedside tables so that they do not scratch the flooring. Also, these mats absorb moisture very well, so they can be placed near the threshold to wipe wet or dirty feet when entering the house.

3. Sweet medicine

Sweet medicine.

Aristotle also wrote that honey perfectly heals wounds. The main healing power of honey is that it kills bacteria due to its high acid content and ability to dehydrate bacteria.

4. How to make a fire ... tea

How to make a fire ... tea

Usually, all people throw away used tea bags. It turns out that such bags have another application - they can be used as a kindling. To do this, the bags need to be dried and stuffed into a cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper (another thing that is usually thrown away). Gorgeous kindling for a fire or fireplace is ready.

5. Eliminating cigarette odors

Eliminating the smell of cigarettes.

There is a way to quickly get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the room after a stormy party. You need to fill an ashtray or an old can with cat litter. The filler quickly and effectively absorbs the smell of cigarettes.

6. How to save a recessed phone

How to save a recessed phone.

Usually, drowned phones are dried with a hair dryer and raw rice. There is a more effective means - to put the device in the cat litter.

7. Cleaning table silver with bananas

Cleaning table silver with bananas

Before you throw away the banana peel, she can clean the silverware. The chemicals on the inside of the banana peel will do an excellent job with this activity. It is necessary to mix the skin with a small amount of water, creating a paste that will return shine to the cutlery.

8. Washing of masks and glasses

Washing masks and glasses

Swimmers and scuba divers often face the fact that their masks very quickly misting up. To avoid this, you need to mix a tablespoon of baby shampoo and two tablespoons of water, then rinse the mask with this liquid.

9. Cheap but effective pet shampoo

Cheap but effective pet shampoo

Shampoos for dogs and cats are quite expensive. You can make a cheap and equally effective substitute by mixing four cups of hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of baking soda and two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent.

10. What can be made from lemons

What can be made of lemons.

Almost all people love the smell of citrus. Not surprisingly, most cleaning products smell like lemon. You need to put the lemon peel in the trash, and wipe them with the old chopping board.

11. How to get rid of unpleasant foot odor

How to get rid of unpleasant foot odor

To do this, there is just a recipe - in four glasses of water you need to brew three ordinary bags of black tea. Then let the tea cool, pour it into a large bowl in which to hold the feet for 30 minutes.

12. Cleaning the toilet bowl

Toilet bowl cleaning.

For a quick toilet bowl cleaning hangover is ideal. Throw some Alka Seltzer tablets in a bowl of water and let them dissolve. Toilet cleaner is ready.

13. To brush your teeth or faucet?

Brush your teeth or faucet?

The next time you brush your teeth, you can squeeze out some toothpaste on the faucet, and then rub it. The crane will shine like new.

14. Nail polish

Nail polish

Although now almost no one sends letters by post, sometimes such a need arises during business correspondence. You can seal the envelope very easily with nail polish.

15. Butter


The oil is perfect against everything sticky. For example, if there are traces of glue on your hands, before you wash them, you need to wipe your hands with a piece of butter.