Useful ideas

Unusual Home Shelves

The walls of the house can be decorated not only with paintings and all sorts of trifles.

Properly selected furniture will serve as the best decoration. In our new review we have collected the most stylish and practical examples of shelving.

1. Suspended shelf

The original shelf in the form of a diamond.

Neat construction of wood and metal.

2. "Tree"

Rack in the form of a tree.

Beautiful rack in the form of a tree, which fits perfectly into the interior of the children's room.

3. Neo-Baroque

Forged shelf.

Elegant wrought iron shelf in neo-baroque style.

4. Circle

Bookcase around the window.

The original round bookcase for storage of books.

5. Provence

Wall shelf in the style of Provence.

Charming decorative shelf, decorated with an artificially aged frame.

6. Triangle

Triangular shelving.

Unusual and very roomy rack in the form of a large triangle with many shelves for storing a variety of things.

7. Suitcases

Shelves in vintage style.

Creative wall shelves made from old suitcases.

8. Carved patterns

Shelves with carved patterns.

Charming snow-white shelves, decorated with carved patterns and decorative elements, are perfect for placing flowers and indoor plants.

9. Creative design

Wooden shelves on the forged frame.

Charming shelves, like stairs.

10. Fire escape

Shelf in the form of a fire escape.

Metal shelf in the form of a fire escape.

11. Plastic shelves

Shelves made of plastic buckets.

Simple and original shelves that can be made from plastic paint buckets.

12. Modern style

Plastic rack.

Modern plastic shelving with many round holes.

13. Crosses

Shelves of wooden crosses.

Minimalistic shelves in the form of wooden crosses.

14. Modules

Wooden modular units.

Unusual wooden shelves in the form of wooden modular blocks.

15. Composition

Arrangement of three square shelves.

Charming shelf, which consists of three connected squares.

16. Cage

Shelf in the form of cells.

Interesting design shelves for storing dishes.

17. Alphabet

Shelves in the form of beeches.

Fantastic shelves in the form of beeches that will decorate any interior.

18. Corner shelf

Wooden corner shelf.

Unusual shelf made of wood, which will help effectively and efficiently use the angular space.

19. Scales

Bookshelf in the form of scales.