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Small, but remote: 17 interesting and simple solutions for a small hallway


The entrance hall is a very important place in the house, because everyone has to go through it at least twice: first, to go out, and therefore, to enter. That is why this room should be given maximum attention in the design and decoration.

1. Space in a niche

Use of vertical space.

A simple shop, hanger and shelves is a great example of a competent use of space in a niche. Try to fill the floor-to-ceiling space with hooks and shelves as much as possible so that your small hallway becomes truly comfortable and functional.

2. Shelf for shoes

Shoe shelf in industrial style.

In the free corner of the hallway you can place a stylish and compact shelf for shoes. So you will get rid of the mess on the floor, and the original design of the shoe rack will be a concise corridor.

3. Boxes on wheels

Mobile shoe boxes.

Ordinary wooden boxes, with wheels attached to them, can be put under the bench or sofa in the hallway and used to store shoes.

4. Keyring

Creative key hanger.

In the shop for needlework you can find everything you need to create an exclusive wall key holder, which will become not only practical detail, but also an exquisite decoration of the hallway.

5. Press Organizer

Key keeper and press organizer.

To keep keys, newspapers and bills from being scattered around, make a simple and stylish organizer for them. To implement such a project, you only need a piece of wood and several furniture handles of various sizes.

6. Reminder Board

Board for notes.

A special board for notes in a charming wooden frame is not only a stylish accessory for the hallway, but also a useful thing that will remind everyone about important meetings and affairs.

7. Boxes

Boxes for hats and gloves.

It will be much more convenient to put hats, gloves and other trifles into separate cells than on a shelf. Let each household have its own branch in order to avoid confusion and confusion.

8. Charging station

Family charging station.

Very often, you remember about a discharged phone five minutes before the release. To always remember about the charge of your devices and not rush around the house in search of the right cable, organize in the corridor a family charging station with cells for devices and convenient access to outlets.

9. Shelves

More shelves.

Probably every hostess agree that in the corridor, as in the kitchen, there are no extra shelves. So that boldly fill the space to the ceiling with neat shelves that are definitely not empty.

10. Two in one

Mobile seats-boxes.

Drawer seats on wheels - a versatile solution for convenience and storage in a small hallway. Line them up to get a comfortable gathering bench, and use the space under the seats for storing clothes and shoes.

11. Maximum savings

Minimalist hanger and niche.

Owners of small apartments with tiny hallways should abandon massive cabinets, chest of drawers and benches. A functional open closet with a clothes hanger and shelves is perfect for storing clothes and shoes, and niches in the wall provide convenient places for various trifles.

12. Storeroom

Hallway in the pantry.

Happy owners of apartments with a pantry can equip it under the hallway. Put a small bench there, hang hangers for coats and shelves for shoes and hats on the walls and doors.

13. Organizer for shoes

Great organizer for shoes.

Do not load the hallway with numerous shoes. A large shoe organizer ensures perfect order in the hallway and finally allows you to get rid of a pile of boxes.

14. Shelving

Rack for clothes and shoes.

Owners of modest rooms should pay attention to modern and functional shelving that can replace all the necessary furniture in the hallway.

15. Hanger

Homemade hanger-shelf.

It is not necessary to go to the store for a hanger in the hallway, when you can do it yourself. To do this, you need a few bars of wood, an old pallet and hooks. Low cost, a little effort and an exclusive hanger is ready for use.

16. Shoes stand

Stylish stand for shoes.

Winter slush is a real punishment for any hostess. Make a special stand for boots and shoes, so as not to wipe puddles off the floor every time someone comes from the street. Fill a few low tanks with river pebbles and a beautiful and convenient place to store your winter shoes is ready.

17. Exclusive design

Hanger in industrial style.

From water pipes, painted in a bright color, you can make a unique hanger for clothes and keys, which will become a real highlight of the hallway.