Useful ideas

35 desperately cool inventions for the home that will make your life easier

Every year, more and more new things are born that will easily add joy to home work or save our time and energy, for example, when we cook.

We never cease to be surprised how many creative and funny designers who created all these things in the world.

Salt shaker and pepper shaker to add a pinch of magic

A night light on guard of the Galaxy and, in fact, a sleeping Jedi

Board colander for those who do not want to wash a mountain of dishes

Form for making terribly cute eggs

Salt shaker and pepper shaker-buranchikov

Sticky bookmarks for those who want to make notes in books, but do not want to scribble on them

Baking dish in the form of anything

Mini-toaster to eat toast wherever you want

Calendar for those who forget whether he fed the pet

Night light casting magic shadows on the wall

Cookie Cutters. Tea is close!

A bandage for those who are tired of explaining why he broke his arm

Sieve for saucepans in the form of a whale

Night light literally shedding light

Measuring spoon with electronic scales for ultra-precise

Shapers for those who are actually going to lose weight

Set for recharging food with salt and pepper

Irrigation system for plants missing rain

Sauces gun for food to be killer

A gag that adds a little grace to the bathroom

Lamp in the form of unstuck wallpaper

For those who want to swing himself while rocking the baby

The device with which watermelon will submit to anyone

Toilet paper holder for lovers of photo art

The fork, which finally do not fall spaghetti

Portable spout to pour over but not spill

Truck for tacos

Stand for a spoon that solves several problems at once

A strainer in the form of a resting manatee

Cookie cutters for those who in childhood wanted to eat "Lego"

Stopper for the door, which will be terrified sweet tooth

Stand-hedgehog for cotton swabs

Klyuchnitsa-honeycombs for those who return to their hive after a hard day

Tee Rex Plate That Doesn't Reach Your Cookies

Chemistry lovers will love this spice set.