Useful ideas

Ideas how to keep shoes in the house: shelves, stands, cabinets


Sheaths shoes are a solution to the problem of how to keep shoes in the house in aesthetic and economic terms for small housing.

Stand for shoes in the hall as one of the options may also become an element of the interior.

As a material for the manufacture of used heavy wood, fiberboard, lightweight plywood or metal.

If there are laces on the shoes, you can tie them with a bow and hang them on hooks attached to the wall

It is important to keep your shoes clean, even if you put your shoes in the closet for the night and are going to put it on again the next morning, still clean it.

Equip the steps with a pair of drawers - and they can accommodate so many things.

Shoe storage can be done in the general style of your home.

Everyone takes an individual decision on how to store shoes, depending on the floor space and personal abilities, however, using some tips, you can extend the life of not only your favorite shoes, but also your slippers. Stand for shoes in the hall as a structural element should be simple and reliable, and as an interior item - fit into the overall design of the room. Modern manufacturers have foreseen all the options and have so varied the range that the consumer has the opportunity to decide on a purchase, even on the basis of a photo. In addition, you can show imagination and make a shoe box with your own hands. Recently, shelves and coasters that make storage of shoes as comfortable as possible are deservedly very popular.

Stands for shoes in the hallway of metal. Advantages and disadvantages

Shelf in the hallway is ideal for storing everyday shoes

Wall constructions are convenient because they help to save a lot of space.

In no way detract from the advantages of a metal stand for storing shoes such disadvantages are:

  • large weight of the product, especially if the locker is of considerable size;
  • dust is collected in open areas.

The easiest option for storing shoes in the hallway - the so-called galoshnit

Types of products for open shoes

All you need to do is turn on a fantasy that will help create a whole piece of pride from your shoe collection.

A variety of modern shelves and shelves for shoes open type is large enough. The simplest option for a small amount of shoes and owners who are prone to minimalism is a few light shelves or a small closet.

Shoes are an important element of our wardrobe, which many people store at random, thereby reducing the life span of their favorite couple.

Great idea for storing shoes in the hallway: the shelf takes up little space, the shoes on it are ventilated and dried

A good idea for craftsmen to make their own hands is to make a shoe rack in the hallway multi-functional, i.e. adjust under the bench or ottoman. Obbit the top of any material available in the house: pieces of leather, leatherette, cloth, etc. The result is a very comfortable and original piece of furniture.

Hallway will help to decorate the shelf for shoes made with your own hands, especially if it is with a soft seat

Buying a finished product, you can choose a visually heavy shelf for shoes or elegant with thin carved elements.

The well-groomed appearance of the shoes, the duration and comfort of operation largely depend on how the shoes are stored

When the area allows the hallway, it will look harmoniously complete set, which will include shelves under the shoes or closet, clothes hanger and stand for accessories.

Custom-made furniture always expands storage.

Shoe racks in the hallway are practical, comfortable and do not take up much space, and a large assortment allows you to purchase a model that matches the taste of any consumer.

Option of a mobile shoe basket

Shoes can be conveniently located in a deep wall cabinet with sliding shelves

For storage of sandals, a peculiar ladder will look original, which will be in an upright position and will solve the problem of saving space and space for a large number of shoes.

Women's shoes can be stored by hanging on the heel

There is not a lot of shoes, the main thing is to organize it correctly

Tip! It is recommended to pick up a closet for storage or do it yourself, depending on the type of shoe for which it is intended to be stored. For the summer shoes, the classic option is enough, and to fit the boots, the distance between the shelves should be greater.

Slim Cabinet

Shoes should be protected from dust, water, sunlight, so that it does not fade or deform, during storage

A more perfect version of the galoshnitsa - shoe wardrobe-slim

The most popular piece of furniture for the hallway is the shoe - slim. The classic version is equipped with several compartments and the appropriate number of doors - such a shoe cabinet. Its depth is about 20 cm, which just ideally allows to fit into the situation, if there is not enough free space after installing the main furniture. The idea of ​​designers is simple: if you close the door of the locker, the shoes assume a vertical position, due to which we slim such narrow sizes. The interior of the door has a compartment where shoes are directly placed. When opened, it bends over. Nothing superfluous, quite roomy and at the same time compact. After studying the appropriate photos, you can make an individual order by increasing the size of individual storage cabinets or the entire cabinet as a whole. If space permits, they can make a slim cabinet with hinged doors, if desired, but then it will take more space to install it.

Such a narrow and low closet is quite suitable for a small hallway.

Other types of indoor products for shoes

Autumn and winter shoes need more space, remember this when you organize your shoe storage space.

The issue of storage of shoes is especially relevant with the onset of cold weather - the shoes become more and more and it can take up all the free space.

If the area allows the hallway, it is better to make an individual order in accordance with the size of the room. The master, after listening to the idea of ​​the customer, will make a rack with so many shelves for shoes that will meet the requirements. It can be racks on the entire height of the wall or closing only the empty space of the room. But first you need to think about which shoes are more common in everyday life, because heels require a deeper locker.

Beautiful and stylish furniture design for storing shoes can easily become a highlight of the interior.

The same space can be equipped with a simpler design, if you want to visually lighten the space. Roomy shelving will provide enough space for shoes and sneakers. Shelves for shoes at the request of the customer are arranged strictly horizontally or obliquely, which will provide the shoe storage at a certain angle. The second option is convenient for boots, and even better are the shelves that can be made retractable. After reviewing the photo, you should make a better decision.

Interesting idea of ​​a closed shelf for shoes

Shelf do-it-yourself

For a home craftsman making a shelf with your own hands is not difficult, and having original ideas and desires will help with this. In each house there are waste items suitable for use.

Option 1

Another option to restore order in the shoe chaos, do your own shelves for shoes from PVC sewer pipes

For example, a shelf for shoes can be made of leftover plastic water pipes. The process does not take much time, and the result will save on the family budget:

  • make an approximate drawing with the dimensions of the future product;
  • buy, if not in the home workshop, material for future bars and fittings;
  • assemble the finished structure with the help of fasteners, paint it with the paint of the desired color range;
  • fasten the crossbar and secure the finished shelf to the wall.

Such a shelf will be the original and most importantly convenient assistant in your home.

Option 2

If you have an old wooden staircase, you can turn it into a shelf for storing shoes.

Another self-made shoe shelf, a photo of which can be found on the Internet. The method of its manufacture is so simple that even a novice home wizard will be able to create this object with his own hands in the shortest possible time. And the process is primitive:

  • cut out a piece of the required size from an old stepladder that has become useless (the number of steps can be chosen at will);
  • clean everything up well, polished;
  • fix the edges on the wall;
  • attach hooks to the crossbar, on which shoes will be suspended.

Paint it so that it fits into your interior and gently spread your shoes on the steps of the stairs

The latter option is suitable for a small hallway and a small amount of shoes.

So, having made the decision to update the design of the hallway, use the advice and purchase a rack for storing shoes from the photo you like or make the idea a reality with your own hands.