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18 bright and stylish handmade rugs that will transform any room


In the new review were collected examples of handmade rugs that will help transform any room. It’s not so difficult to make one yourself, just be ready to spend some time on work.

1. Simple round carpet

Crochet openwork rug.

A charming round crocheted rug can be used as a decoration of the coffee table or as a full-fledged carpet in the living room or hallway. If you use a dense hard yarn this product will be durable and will last for many years.

2. Bright T-shirt rug

Carpet from old t-shirts.

Old t-shirts can be turned into a fantastic handmade rug. The shape, size and pattern you choose. Such a carpet will add brightness and will become a unique decoration of a boring kitchen, dining room or living room.

3. Romantic pattern

Soft carpet with a heart.

A stunning rug made from a piece of faux fur and a large red heart knitted from wool yarn will become a cozy detail of the girl's bedroom.

4. Cloth carpet

Fabric carpet with a print.

The dark fabric carpet with a simple print will fit into any room and will add refinement to an interior.

5. Felt pad

An interesting felt rug.

Gorgeous and incredibly pleasant to the touch felt mat will add color and comfort to any room. Despite the complex design, the process of creating this product is quite simple, albeit painstaking.

6. Flower carpet

Carpet fabric patches.

A small rug, which looks like a flower glade, is actually made of a rigid fabric base with small scraps of multi-colored fabric glued to it.

7. Rope track

Rug of ropes.

A bright and unusually stylish rug with asymmetric edges perfectly fit into the interior of the hallway. To create such a rug, you will need several meters of hard rope, as well as colored wool, felt and threads for decoration.

8. Shredded Carpet

Colorful patch of rugs.

The rags of fabric that we usually throw in the garbage after sewing can be used to create a magnificent round rug that fits perfectly into the interior of a bedroom or nursery.

9. Mandala Rug

Knitted rug.

Gentle rug with a pattern reminiscent of a mandala, performs not so practical as aesthetic function and will be an excellent decoration of the floor in the living room.

10. Fluffy rug

Fluffy knitted carpet.

Wonderful carpet, knitted of snow-white pile yarn, will help to mask the flaws and gaps in the wooden floors, as well as cope with the role of a bedside rug.

11. Rug from the tablecloth

Rug with a print.

An old yellowed tablecloth can be used to create an original round rug. Make a few stencils and apply pictures on the fabric using special textile paint to give the product a refined and noble look.

12. Carpet with tassels

Knitted carpet with tassels.

A stylish black and white tassel carpet that can be knitted from coarse yarn.

13. Rope mat

Wicker mat.

Magnificent carpet for the hallway, which can be woven from ordinary rope.

14. Black and white carpet

Black and white patchwork carpet.

Fantastic round carpet, to create which you will need a clothesline and a few meters of black and white fabric with patterns. This carpet will be truly luxurious and unique decoration of any room.

15. Rope carpet

Carpet of ropes.

From coarse thick ropes you can make a huge carpet that fits perfectly into the interior of a room decorated in a rustic or country style.

16. Stencil prints

The decor of the tracks.

Monochrome tracks can be updated or decorated with simple geometric patterns, which can be applied using spray paint and stencil.

17. Cork mat

Wine cork rug.

Wine stoppers are an excellent material for creating a practical bath mat or hallway. It is very easy to make such a rug - you just need to firmly glue the wine corks onto the dense base fabric.

18. Terry pad

Towel rug.

Old towels or a terry cloth robe are perfect for creating a soft rug that can be placed beside the bed to protect the legs from contact with the cold floor in the morning.