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15 cozy examples of how to equip a place to read

With the onset of cold weather, more and more I want to wrap myself in a warm blanket, take a cup of cocoa in my hands and immerse myself in reading my favorite book. Nothing should interfere with the pleasant process, so in the reading zone it is worth creating the most comfortable conditions. How to do it? We have collected the most stylish and cozy examples!

Warm wood

Cozy corner

The wood is able to adjust any interior to coziness, with its help you can zone the space and decorate it. It is great for reading space. Such an accent will positively affect the interior and add a touch of warmth to it. To do this, you can decorate the wall in the reading area with wooden planks or special panels.

Place to read

Stylish and laconic corner

Stylish corner on the windowsill

Stylish reading corner on the windowsill

It is more reasonable to place a reading zone near a window, for this you can use a window sill. Put on it several soft floor cushions for convenience, add decorative cushions for beauty, and near the window equip several compact shelves for storing books.

Reading area

A good solution for a small interior.

Small cozy reading area

Space under the stairs

Functional use of space under the stairs

The space under the stairs is often not involved, but it is also able to perform a practical function. If you put a small sofa or a bench here, make comfortable shelves for books and embed several lamps, then from an inconspicuous dark place this corner will turn into a comfortable seating and reading area.

Reading corner under the stairs

Niche library

Niche library

To accommodate the home library is quite suitable and empty niche. It is not difficult to equip it with open shelves, next to lay a cozy soft rug and put a chair or a comfortable chair. You get a great reading area and a miniature home library.

Compact solution for small spaces

Compact solution for small spaces

A chair equipped with bookshelves is an excellent solution for small-sized products, where there is no possibility to put a bookcase or shelving unit. Here at once and a place to read and storage system for the home library. This piece of furniture is clearly interested in lovers of concise solutions and rational use of space.

Relaxation area

Relaxation area

For book readers, the reading area is not just a place to spend your favorite book. This is something more! This is a zone of relaxation, immersion into the world of dreams, made-up worlds. Here, everything should be set up for a pleasant stay and as close as possible to the requirements of convenience - a soft comfortable seat, a sufficient amount of light, concise storage systems for books. It is desirable that this zone is also pleasing to the eye, was quite stylishly decorated and caused aesthetic satisfaction.

A cozy place to read

Decent interior decoration

Beautiful reading corner