Useful ideas

Keeping things under the bed is one of the best options for saving space.


Things can be stored in many places. But why keep somewhere, if you can keep it under the bed! How to do it right, not making a mess and using the free space as efficiently as possible we look in the new review.

1. Making a custom bedroom

A great option to transform the bedroom with the help of optimal solutions.

2. Successful solutions for bedroom decor

Perhaps one of the best and most successful solutions for bedroom decor.

3. Wardrobe under the bed

A nice solution to transform the bedroom interior is to place a wardrobe under the bed.

4. Comfortable niches under the bed

Nice and excellent solution to place niches under the bed, which will save space.

5. Light bedroom design

Good and comfortable solution for creating a niche under the bed.

6. Stylish interior solution

Very nice and very stylish solution for the interior with a large niche under the bed that will impress.

7. Successful niches in the interior

Very original and perfect solution for decorating a room and creating a dressing room in it.

8. Dark bed in the interior

A good solution for transforming a room with an original bed in pastel colors with a niche.

10. The bedroom is framed in wood.

The perfect solution for decorating the interior of the bedroom in a tree that most enjoy.

11. Storage under the bed

The optimal and original solution to keep things under the bed, which optimizes space.

12. Pale green shades.

Very cool and original solution to create an interior in light green tones with niches for storing things built into the bed.

13. Dark chocolate interior

Stylish and perfect solution for decorating a bedroom in dark chocolate tones.

14. Beautiful bedroom interior with a cabinet

Beautiful bedroom interior with a cabinet that will impress and please the eye.

15. Original design solution

Cool and optimal solution for decorating the bedroom with the original niche.

16. Bright interior solution with niches

The optimal and bright solution for interior design that you like exactly.

17. Stylish and successful design solution.

Very interesting and cute solution for decorating the bedroom in the original motifs.

18. Successful boxes under the bed

Nice solution to optimize the space in the room by placing niches under the bed.

19. Stylish bedroom design

The most successful solution that will allow to transform any bedroom interior with a cabinet at the foot of the bed.

20. The optimal solution

A very original bedroom interior with lovely drawers under the bed.

21. Stylish solution for bedroom decor

Very cool and stylish solution for bedroom decor, which is optimized by the original design options.

22. Rustic style in the interior

A great option to quickly transform the interior with the help of the original rustic style.

23. Bookshelves under the bed

Very original and practical solution for decorating the bedroom by storing books under the bed.

24. Bright motifs in the interior

One of the original options to create a cozy and bright atmosphere in the bedroom.

25. Bed in a semicircle that will inspire

Very bright solution for the transformation of your favorite bed with good niches under it.