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15 popular myths about food and drinks that are tired of believing

Food and water are an integral part of our life, without which we simply simply could not exist, and to know all the subtleties of such a vast area as cooking is simply impossible. Naturally, when trying to find information about the preparation of a particular dish or the use of kitchen equipment, we often encounter all sorts of information that, as it turned out, is not always true.

First milk, then tea.

This question is most acute in England. On the Internet, you can often find such a riddle: "Why do rich people in England first pour tea into a cup, and then add milk, while the poor do the opposite?"

In England, there have been many “cultural debates” about the priority of milk and tea. But in the end, it all comes down to the question of taste.

Collect lettuce leaves instead of cutting them.

Another common myth is that for lettuce leaves retain their freshness longer, they need to be harvested, not cut. In fact, the method does not matter, so do as you prefer.

"Either grapes or grain" - if you want to avoid a hangover

"Either grapes or grain" is a well-known English saying that warns against drinking beer and wine one evening, recommending to stop at one thing. Scientists have done a lot of research, but no one can absolutely say that the hangover is the result of mixing different types of alcohol.

Keep the bread in the fridge

The truth that we have learned since childhood: keep something in the fridge if you want it to last longer. But with the bread is, alas, not a ride. If you put bread in the fridge, it will turn a lot faster. So keep the bread at room temperature and preferably in a plastic bag.

Pierce sausages to keep them from breaking.

Quite a popular myth, prevailing mainly among bachelors. :) However, it’s not worth piercing sausages that are cooked in the package - the sausages will burst and fall apart.

If you want to keep the color of green vegetables, cook them in salted water

Contrary to this generally accepted opinion, the secret to preserving the color of green vegetables lies not in the degree of salinity of the water, but in the high temperature of cooking.

Perhaps the myth that salt helps preserve color is widespread due to the fact that salt raises the boiling point, however, judging by the experiments, it is not very significant.

Wash raw chicken before cooking.

We all used to wash raw chicken carcasses before cooking them. However, recently the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued a warning in The Guardian that rinsing chicken in running water increases the risk of infection with campylobacteriosis. But St. Petersburg doctors reacted to this statement with a great deal of skepticism. Chief infectiologist Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg Pavel Alexandrov said: "The idea of ​​infecting the entire kitchen with this dangerous bacterium when splashing water is greatly exaggerated. But if you do not wash the chicken, then not only campylobacter and other bacteria can remain on its surface, but also various contaminants, including chicken droppings. "

Do not use garlic press

Irreplaceable tool in the kitchen or useless unit? Anthony Bourdin, an American chef and TV host, is confident that the garlic press is destructive for this product, but many well-known chefs disagree with his categorical position and continue to use this device. Most likely, this is a matter of convenience and habits, but here both sides agree unanimously: never buy ready-made chopped garlic.

White chocolate is chocolate

White chocolate is not really chocolate, but "pale imposter." It does not contain cocoa itself, but only its butter. Sometimes even cocoa butter is negligible or it is generally replaced with a vegetable one.

A teaspoon helps champagne not to fizzle

Alas, a teaspoon is not a "barricade" for bubbles of champagne. In order for your open champagne to not be exhausted as long as possible, keep it in the refrigerator - this will slow down the oxidation process.

Shish kebab is almost a dietary dish.

This myth is most often heard by girls who are on diets: "Well, we are in nature, here calories are consumed so quickly, especially from one barbecue nothing, it's almost a dietary dish." Most kebabs are made from pork, and pork, you see, can hardly be considered a diet food. But the chicken cooked on the grill - is quite another matter.

Plastic cutting boards are more hygienic than wooden ones.

Many people believe that wooden cutting boards are the epicenter of bacteria, unlike their plastic counterparts. Studies have shown that wood is a very unattractive environment for bacteria, besides the top layer of wooden cutting board has antiseptic properties that are harmful to harmful microbes.

The best juices - canned at home

Of course, home-made juices are usually tastier and healthier than store-bought ones. However, it should be remembered that non-observance of the preparation technology can lead to poisoning, and prolonged boiling and contact with air will negate the efforts to preserve vitamins.

Knives can be washed in the dishwasher

Dishwasher - one of the most malicious enemies for a knife. There is a high risk that in a couple of “big washes” the blade and the handle will come into disrepair. If your knife is dear to you, take a few minutes to wash it yourself.