Useful ideas

How to originally use ordinary food film

Maintain order in the kitchen, save bananas, beat off meat - all this can be done with the help of ordinary food film. More unusual life hacking - in our collection.

Food film, along with foil and food paper, is so familiar for every housewife that you won’t be surprised by different ways of using it.

We are going through useful and unusual life hacking, which will help simplify your life.

Cool the film before use.

Food wrap is an indispensable item in the kitchen, which is famous not only for its versatility, but also because it is easily torn and sticks to itself. This problem is easily solved: just keep the film in the refrigerator - in a cold state, it is easily unwound, and you will not be looking for its end for a long time.

Keep the refrigerator clean

If you do not like to scrub the refrigerator several times a month, try using a film to protect the glass shelves from various splashes and stains. In addition, the film due to its texture will not allow sliding on the shelves to different glass jars. Noticed a new spot? Remove the old film and lay a new one.

Extend the life of your products

How do cheese and ham get along on the same shelf? Very simple: if you do not want the fragrant products to interfere with each other's smells, wrap them in cling film. Firstly, you can preserve their individual taste and original appearance, and, secondly, prolong their freshness. By the way, the same method will work with small containers and even with a freezer: an elastic film easily tolerates temperature fluctuations and protects products from excessive freezing, while managing not to lose the vitamins contained in food.

Keep a bottle of uncorked wine

Did you drink wine and throw the cork? It does not matter: often with long storage corks even spoil the taste of wine. Try to wrap the neck of the bottle with cling film and store it in this form: this way the wine will not absorb the smell of cork and will not lose its taste.

Cook with convenience

Film is the best option for an intermediate dough preparation stage if you want to freeze it. So that the capricious or crumbly dough does not fall apart, it can be rolled out between two sheets of film. Some types of dough are rolled between two sheets of food film so that the dough does not crumble. Finally, food film will help you in the formation of such fragile culinary masterpieces, like all sorts of rolls of the finest pita.

Cook poached egg

When you want to pamper yourself so much with this delicacy, and there is no plow at hand, look for food wrap. Put it on a plate and, after having smeared it with vegetable or olive oil, break an egg on it. Roll the film, tie its ends into a bundle, lower the bag into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes.

Help the fruit ripen

Hurried and bought the immature fruit? Put them in a spacious bowl, tightly cover with cling film, wait. The fact is that many fruits produce ethylene, the gas responsible for ripening fruits. He thus accumulates in the bowl and significantly speed up the process of fruit ripening.

Don't let bananas spoil

Do not like blackened and dried bananas? Wrap their bases in cling film: so they will keep their color and moisture inside themselves for a long time and, as a result, will remain appetizing in appearance, tasty and fresh.

Don't splash around

If every time after you beat off the meat, the kitchen looks like a horror movie set, try to cover the meat with film in the future - this will save you from a heap of splashes in the most unwanted places. This method has proven itself with a mixer and immersion blender: just wrap a plastic wrap bowl with the contents, and you do not have to scrub stains from all kitchen planes.

Make a glass-free spill

Many kids - the real masters in some incomprehensible way to spill the contents of the glass in all directions. If you eliminate the consequences of mini-floods for you every time is too tiring, use cling film: tightly cover the glass with it and gently insert the straw.