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Home mini-bar: the best ideas for creating a small wine cellar


A home mini-bar, like a wine cellar at home, is often not a whim, but a necessity for welcoming hosts, who often have guests. Also, it is worthwhile to equip real connoisseurs of quality alcohol, because in the nearest bar there are not always really worthy specimens. Compactness and at the same time spaciousness of a mini-bar is its main distinguishing feature.

Fusion-style interior with minibar in the lounge

The corner of the room is equipped with a comfortable mini-bar.

Retro style minibar

Open portable mini-bar located in the kitchen

Classic minibar for living room

Minibar in black Chicago style 20s

Why do we need a mini-bar in the house?

At the word bar, many imagine a huge rack with high chairs and a rack full wall with all sorts of alcoholic beverages. Naturally, there is no sense in setting up such a house in conditions of home, besides, there is not enough space. The home mini-bar for drinks is a compact furniture for storing alcohol stocks, and often it is styled as usual or not so familiar items in the house. It can be a thumbs, a globe, a barrel. Transformer bars can turn into a mini rack with a flick of the wrist.

Models presented in stores are often convenient low tables with castors or shelves up to 1.5 m in height. They have special shelves for bottles and holders for glasses.

Minibar in retro style

Minibar in the Art Nouveau living room

Modern interior of a kitchen-studio with a minibar and a bar

The reasons why you should get a mini-bar:

  1. It is compact, most of them can be easily moved. This allows you to put it even in a small apartment, without sacrificing useful space.
  2. The cost is low, even if you purchase materials and build a suitable bar for yourself.
  3. He decorates any housing. Brings a touch of originality to the design.
  4. Such an alcohol storage system frees up a lot of space in the cupboards in the kitchen and in the living room, as it is designed specifically for storing bottles, and has suitable shelves for this.
  5. The presence in the design of such an attribute will allow you to give the interior functionality and certainly decorate it.
  6. It symbolizes the richness of style and emphasizes the image of the owners, because ordinary vodka is not put into such bars, it is often something more refined and more expensive.

Tip! When buying or creating a mini-bar, it is worth considering how many bottles you need to fit into it, the bar looks great if it is full.

Open mini bar with vertical bottle rack

Portable mini-bar with light

Stylish mini bar in white

Home mini-bar: features

The style will depend largely on the room in which the installation is planned. The bar design should harmoniously fit in and complement the existing interior. And especially nothing needs to be rebuilt, because on that he and mini to take not enough place.

Perfectly save the place of the design which is built in a wall. If this option is suitable, then it is important to exclude the storage of heavy objects on top of the bar, because the collapse of the shelves is fraught with not only the loss of all alcoholic stocks, but also injuries, because fragments can scatter anywhere.

Closed mini-bar in a small kitchen

Portable Bamboo Mini Bar

Spacious hall with closed mini-bar

Designs are of this type:

  1. Open - shelving, shelves, where all the alcohol in sight. Such a reduced copy of a large bar.
  2. Closing All the same, only hidden behind a screen. This is a safer option, since in case of dropping the bottle, the fragments will not fly apart. This bar is suitable if you have children, because kids love to play with all sorts of bottles.
  3. Portable. Such can easily move to any room and on the street. For convenience of movement equipped with wheels.

Tip! If you can not buy special furniture or time to do it yourself, you can use one of the kitchen shelves or cabinets as a mini-bar. Moreover, in this case, you do not need to adjust the kitchen space and wrestle with how to fit new shelves there.

Beautiful mini bar from the array

Portable and functional wood minibar

Modern indoor mini bar

Stylish home mini bar

Location Ideas

The ease of use of the bar will depend on the correct location. Appropriate location will be able to decorate and transform the interior. Options:

  1. For adherents of the modern, the floating bar will be a godsend. The essence of hovering in competent lighting. Competent play of light and shade will make the mini-bar exclusive, even despite the fact that ordinary materials are used to create it.
  2. Arranging a vault for alcohol in the bridge between the kitchen and the living quarters would be the right option if your goal is to be both a welcoming host and a bartender. You will be at the same time in two places - and at the home bar, and with guests.
  3. If the basis of your bar will be wine, then it is important to choose the right place. After all, this alcohol is contraindicated heat, moisture and light. Without creating the right conditions, you risk opening a bottle to be disappointed - the wine will ferment. This kind of mini-bar should be kneaded in a standard cabinet compartment.
  4. If space allows, you can arrange the mini-bar with the letter G - this will give you space for making cocktails. Take care to have a sink nearby.

Bedroom with minibar

Home mini-bar for the living room with an interesting design.

Wooden kitchen with minibar

So for a wine that is very capricious in terms of storage, it is worth buying a wine rack. It maintains the correct humidity, temperature, ventilation. Bottles in it are stored at the right angle, so that the sediment accumulates at the bottom.

Note! If the wine cabinet has a transparent door, it will facilitate the selection of alcohol.

Convenient location of the mini bar under the stairs

Eclectic Minibar

Minibar with glass shelves on the balcony

Important aspects of the mini-bar

If you decide to make or buy a home mini-bar, the key role in it is still assigned to drinks. It is important to know how to properly store them and, based on this, select or create a bar design.

According to professional bartenders, in a home mini-bar, it is enough to have a basic set of positions and quite a few special tools to create a wide variety of cocktails. And if you keep a small supply of juice and cola in the fridge, then you will generally become a true master of homemade cocktails.

Basic set:

  1. Vodka.
  2. Gin.
  3. Whiskey.
  4. White and red wine.
  5. Cognac.
  6. Tequila.
  7. Rum
  8. Champagne.

Wooden mini-bar with beer tap

Modern home mini bar

From the bartenders' tricks you need:

  • cocktail shaker;
  • a steiner, in other words, a bar strainer that is needed to remove pieces of ice and fruit during filtering;
  • bar spoon - she has a long handle. Such a spoon is convenient to mix cocktails;
  • jigger - measuring cup to control added portion of ingredients;
  • medler - a device for grinding peppermint.

Loft-style home mini bar with breakfast bar

Comfortable and functional mini-bar with a bar

Alcohol storage rules

Different drinks are stored in different ways, we have already mentioned about wine. As for other drinks, maintain such standards:

  1. Liqueur needs heat, because at low temperatures it becomes cloudy.
  2. Vodka, whiskey and brandy should be placed in dry, cool places, and their position is strictly vertical. The temperature should be constant.
  3. Absolutely all alcohol should be stored in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Home mini-bar with different options for storing alcohol

Bright home mini bar

The portable mini-bar on wheels can be moved to any part of the house.

Turnkey solutions

'p> Ready-made home mini-bars (in the photo) often carry dual functionality. So now you can buy these options:

  1. Built in upholstered furniture. Moreover, the storage for bottles can leave both from the back and from the side. They contain a little alcohol, often do not have a compartment for glasses and devices for creating cocktails. But they have a clear advantage - saving space, often remote control.
  2. Portable. They are supercompact. Easily move to where you want. They provide a place for proper storage of bottles and glasses. When closed, it is a table or stand. On top of the tabletop you can put glasses, such a kind of table. Such designs can be closed on all sides or have a shelf opening where all the contents can be easily viewed.
  3. Bar for the office. This is a special design, the most popular is a large globe on a massive wooden stand. All contents - bottles, glasses, a corkscrew - is hidden inside. Due to this, the solidity and seriousness of the leader is unshakable. At the right time, the filling of the globe is revealed, and you can discuss business issues or celebrate a good deal.
  4. Bar furniture. It is more capacious than the options proposed above, although it is still smaller in size than a full bar. But nevertheless, it is furniture, and it should be selected taking into account the general style of the room where it will be installed. Often this is the living room or any place where you receive guests.

Modern mini bar under the stairs

Portable Art Nouveau Minibar

Home mini-bar in a black closet

Note! The mini-bar can be of different shapes - rounded, rectangular - the main thing is that it fits in style with the existing interior. If the mini-bar is selected to a completely new room, then you need to choose based on the intended purpose of the room. If the territory of the house allows, then it is better to create a separate bar room, where the mini bar will be the central component.

An open mini-bar is suitable for a minimalist interior.

Modern glossy, streamlined kitchen with built-in mini-bar

Retro style mini-bar for modern style

Closed cupboard with mini bar

Rustic style mini-bar with drawers and boards

PVC pipes

A completely non-standard solution to use to create a mini-bar PVC pipes. This excellent option for storing bottles for high-tech style, minimalism, loft. And in any interior in which classic wooden bars are inappropriate. It is easy to make such, we need such tools and materials:

  1. PVC pipes of different diameters. Their number depends on how roomy the bar you are planning to do. Calculate the need, based on the height of the bottle and their number.
  2. Spray paint of a suitable color.
  3. Acetone.
  4. Spray primer.
  5. Self-adhesive tape double sided.
  6. Hacksaw or jigsaw.
  7. Brush
  8. Fine sandpaper.

The basis for the bar can be a niche, a shelf, a bedside table. Pipes should be cut to the required length sections.

Loft style mini bar

Rustic-style mini-bar

Tip! At this stage, you can significantly save time. To do this, all measurements need to be done in advance, and when buying pipes to use the service of cutting in the store, it is often free.

The edges of the pipes, regardless of the cutting option, will look untidy. They must be sanded to smoothness. Do not neglect this stage, as sharp edges can injure your hands when you remove the bottle.

Now it is necessary to process the pipes: first with acetone, then with a primer, and only after that with a paint coat. This will help apply it evenly.

After complete drying, proceed to the assembly of pipes between them. It is convenient to fix them with self-adhesive tape. The mounting scheme depends only on your imagination.

A few more options:

  1. Refit any cabinet under the mini-bar. In order to highlight it inside and out, cover with bright paint.
  2. It is possible to adapt for storage of alcohol a trolley, which is sold in specialized stores for restaurateurs.
  3. From a wooden barrel. In it you need to cut the "door" on the side, and inside to equip the shelves.

Minimalistic light interior with a glass-mirror mini-bar

Home mini-bar do-it-yourself for a country house


Soul-company and the most welcoming host - this is how guests will talk about you. After all, the range of alcohol and cocktails that you can provide with your mini-bar is simply huge. There are plenty of ready-made options, as well as ideas for creating your own hands.