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15 everyday tricks to solve small household tasks that you can try out tomorrow


In life every now and then there are troubles.

That traces of dishes on the furniture will remain, the seasoning for the dishes on the box will crumble.

All these little things can specifically spoil the mood.

To prevent this from happening, we picked up 15 everyday tricks that can be tested tomorrow.

1. Secret tags

Little notes on a laptop.

If you are also, as we are tired of confusing the connectors on a laptop, unsuccessfully trying to plug the cord into the wrong connector, make notes for yourself. Just draw a simple notation right on your laptop. It can be strips of different colors, one or more points and any other symbols. The main thing is that they are remembered and cause certain associations.

2. Possibilities of a microwave

Increase the possibilities of the microwave.

To heat two dishes at the same time and accordingly reduce the time of cooking, use a clever trick with a cup. Place one plate on the dish closer to the edge, and the second - to the other edge, but on the cup. Thus, in a microwave free to fit two plates.

3. The rule of use brush

Drying brush.

Few people pay enough attention to caring for a toilet brush. Moreover, many do not even know that this subject requires any care at all. Meanwhile, on the brush brush, which is most often put in the stand immediately after use, bacteria multiply. Drying will help prevent this process. After using the brush, leave it for 10-15 minutes in a horizontal position, pressing it with a toilet lid.

4. Spice Rack

Hanger for seasonings.

Use the binder as a clamp for all seasoned bags. Next, you just need to attach it to a nail or hook on the wall of one of the cabinets and voila - a convenient hanger is ready!

5. Beverage protection

Alternative to covers for glasses.

Being in nature, do not forget to protect your glass with a drink from insects. If you do not have special covers on hand, use a plastic wrap.

6. Signatures

Wire markers.

In order not to wrestle with what wire and why, label them. For this suit price tags or any other colored paper. Write on them the name of the corresponding appliance and fasten it on the wire.

7. Slice of cake

Cake cut protection.

To prevent the cake from becoming stale on a slice, attach a slice of fresh bread to each of them with the help of toothpicks. Such a trick will not allow the cut cake to become chapped or starchy.

8. Efficient cleaning

Efficient cleaning top.

If you think that the walls or baseboards under the ceiling are dusty, clean them with a broom brush. Put on her brush a piece of clean wet matter, secure with a rubber band and thoroughly wipe the upper sections of the walls.

9. Fixing the carpet

Fix the corners of the carpet.

To prevent the carpet from bullying and driving from side to side, secure it with velcro. You can attach them with thread, glue or double-sided tape. Such life hacking is very useful for parents of active children or those who keep an animal at home.

10. Secure Vietnamese

Strengthen the flip flops.

Those who love Vietnamese, know that this type of shoe is extremely unreliable. To prevent slippers from suddenly breaking, attach a plastic clip, which is often sealed with bags of bread, onto the septum cap on the back side.

11. White circles

Circles on wooden surfaces.

Toothpaste can work wonders not only in the mouth, but also in everyday life. It can be used to remove white traces from the cups on wooden surfaces. Simply apply the paste to problem areas, leave for a few minutes, and then remove with a clean cloth.

12. Egg Slicer

Alternative use of egg cutter.

Previously, egg cutters were popular, but over time they went into oblivion. However, they can be used not only for cutting boiled eggs. With this simple device you can quickly cut mushrooms, boiled vegetables, potatoes and other soft ingredients.

13. Fighting odors

Remedy for unpleasant odors.

If your fridge has an unpleasant smell of unknown nature, use soda. It is an excellent absorbent that can eliminate any unpleasant odors. Put a little soda on a clean sponge and put it in the fridge. After a few hours unpleasant odors disappear without a trace.

14. Heated food

Uniform heated food.

If you put the food in the form of a ring around the edges of the plate, and leave the middle part empty, and then send it in the microwave, the food will warm up evenly.

15. Frozen Soup

Portions of frozen soup.

You are too busy for a week and cannot cook fresh food often, boil the soup and freeze it. To do this, pour the soup into paper cups and send in the freezer. When the dish freezes - remove, cut the glasses and place the frozen soup in a sealed bag. This trick will save food and defrost it at any time.

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