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Console in the hall: 80+ models in modern style, empire style, chebbi-chic and minimalism

Compact, functional, light and stylish console in the hallway is absolutely appropriate in any interior from strict classics and lush baroque to modern minimalism and multifaceted eclecticism. Behind the simple but aesthetic appearance of the console table there are plenty of opportunities, so designers are willing to use this accessory, not always limited to the hallways. Modern console in the hallway can transform the interior, making it more refined, light, expressive. In addition, it will serve as a convenient stand for all sorts of little things and decor items. Among the variety offered by manufacturers, it is easy to choose a console table that fully complies with the intended design of the hallway or any other room, and if you wish, you can always make it yourself or order an exclusive product from professionals. Factory quality or handicraft is the personal preference of everyone, but in any case, the console should be selected correctly, based on the size of the room and its future style.

Functional narrow table in the hallway with a mirror tabletop

White console from natural material

Wooden carved table in the lobby in the style of Chebbi-chic

A beautiful combination of gilded scales in the bottom of the console with a black table top

Unusual accessory for the hallway in the form of a console made of wooden bars

A bit of history

Today, anyone can buy a console in the hallway, but once this interior item was found only in palaces and grand salons. In the fashion console tables entered the era of Baroque, namely during the reign of Louis XIV, known for its excessive burden of luxury. The exquisite consoles of rare wood, decorated with openwork carvings, gilding and painting, quickly moved from the interiors of Versailles to the homes of all French nobility, and from there they spread throughout Europe. Today works of cabinetmakers XVII-XVIII centuries. they are the pride of large museums, they decorate collections of royal palaces, they are the object of dreams of any connoisseur of art and antiques.

Luxury vintage console in a black and white lobby

In the age of world industrialization, console tables, oddly enough, are still popular, although they are already more modest in terms of performance. Such a compact accessory has ceased to be a symbol of luxury, but has not lost its charm and functionality, so that it can be considered applicable to any interior, not limited to idle baroque.

Art Deco drawers table in the spacious hallway

Multifaceted console

The console in the hallway is a classic, which over the years has not lost its popularity, changing only its appearance, based on the requirements of time and fashion. This piece of furniture can be considered truly versatile. There are infinitely many options for its use in terms of design, and compact dimensions make it possible to abandon cumbersome dressers and tables in favor of the console, which is especially appreciated by owners of small apartments.

An elegant combination of carved wood and glass

The console for a hall can be made of the most different materials:

  • tree or its imitation (chipboard, MDF, etc.);
  • forged or polished metal;
  • high quality plastic;
  • natural or artificial stone;
  • glass.

The metal frame of the console is perfectly combined with the glass top

There are also various combinations of products, for example, a wooden or glass tabletop with forged legs.

Long table in the hallway of oriental motifs

Consoles can be painted in any color, have a concise design or a magnificent decor in the form of carving, painting, inlays, etc.

The unusual shape of the console, attracting the eye

Tip! Big popular enjoys console at hall with mirror frame whom It has similar or combined by style registration.

Refined tandem table and mirror for a small hallway

To make the console organically fit into the interior of the hallway, it can be supplemented with a mirror, a painting, a stool or a pair of chairs, and 1-2 lamps (table or wall) should be placed above the table top level. Such a frame will add to the room coziness, make it more comfortable.

Beach style hallway emphasizes the sandy shades of furniture and accessories.

Design and dimensions

The console is a narrow and elongated shelf-tabletop, which may have four or two legs. In the second case, the back of the table top is attached directly to the wall. There are options for console tables with one leg or without them. The latter will differ from the usual shelves by elegant props, which ensure fixation on the wall.

Provence console with beautiful carved props

The classical console has a semicircular shape, which it inherited from the architectural element of the same name, which acts as a support for the projecting parts of the building.

The classical semicircular console on one leg

The standard console table is always small in width, and the length can be any. The back of it is attached to the wall, and additional stability is provided by a pair of legs in front. This design can withstand considerable weight, which is important if it is supported by a mirror or console is used as a stand for various objects.

Narrow table in the hallway of natural stone

Board! Design with mount to the wall not is different mobility, so if a often occur permutations, that it is better to draw Attention on addi models.

Portable console model for anteroom

The height of the console in the hallway usually ranges from 70 to 110 cm, while higher models perform a decorative function rather than a practical one. And low options (70-85 cm) can be supplemented with a stool to sit comfortably.

Low multifunctional console option in a small hallway

Console types

Consoles for the hallway can be divided into two types:

  • Functional - such a console can be additionally equipped with drawers, shelves, side cabinets, which makes the accessory even more functional, allows you to efficiently use a small area of ​​the hallway. The design of the functional console in the hallway is often simple, without unnecessary decorative elements. This piece of furniture is used when the hallway does not want to be weighed down with a chest of drawers or another closet. The functional console can serve as a toilet or coffee table, which makes it possible to use it not only in the hallway, but also in the living room or bedroom. These consoles in the hallway are inexpensive, but look very decent.

Practical and roomy console in the hallway with lockers

  • Decorative - consoles of this type are more compact, have a simple construction and are often used if you need to fill an empty space (wall niche, pier, narrow wall). The design of the decorative console is usually designed for the fact that the table itself will be the interior decoration. Such a console is not used for storing things, but there are decorative objects on it or around it (vases of flowers, photo frames, table lamps, candlesticks — the composition can be changed constantly by adding dynamics to the hallway interior). A decorative mirror will complement a large mirror or a beautiful wall clock, an elegant pouf or a high stool decorated in the same style. The cost of a decorative console will largely depend on the material and quality of performance. Often these products are made to order, which increases the price, but the handmade work and the uniqueness of the console table are worth it.

Stylish and bright decor of the hall using the console

Board! WITH using console at the hallway can disguise the battery or unsightly plot walls.

Great idea to hide the battery by installing a console in the hallway.

Console advantages

The obvious advantages of the console for the hallway include:

  • Compact size, thanks to which the table can be placed on any area without losing precious meters. A narrow console in the hallway will not affect the width of the room, while making it much more functional and aesthetic. It can and should even be placed close to "uncomfortable" areas, for example, under the stairs, along the long wall of a narrow corridor, turning empty space into a beautiful and functional one.

The glass console is almost invisible and takes up little space in a narrow corridor.

  • Stylish and versatile design, thanks to which it is easy to choose the right fit for any environment. The tables can be made of different materials, have a simple or exclusive finish, vary in design, shape.

Decorative narrow table from different breeds of a tree

  • Convenience of use - the console in the hallway adds functionality to the room, helping to place the necessary things without taking up extra space. Some models are equipped with drawers, shelves. You can hang a functional object above the console table, for example, a mirror, a small coat hanger, a shelf, a housekeeper, etc. A banquette or a pouf will fit comfortably under the console without interfering with the free passage to the main part of the apartment.

Properly selected space for the console will help save space

  • Console tables will help to correctly distinguish between the space of a studio apartment, where in fact there is no separate hallway. The entrance zone can be designated by the console, putting it to the wall next to the door or to the back of the sofa.

Cute corner with table and pouf in the hallway

  • With the help of the console, you can make the interior of the hallway solid, more harmonious, add aesthetics.

The glass console almost blends into the floor mirror

Board! Boldly combine various materials, eg, even plain cantilevered table of painted wood will be spectacularly to look at combined with a mirror at carved frame, stool with bright upholstery and vintage tabletop a lamp.

Antique metal detail + wood creates a unique atmosphere in the room

The console in the interior of the hallway

It is quite possible to turn the hallway from a nondescript room into a stylish continuation, more precisely, the beginning of an apartment, it is enough to choose the console correctly.

Choose the console is, starting from the general style of the hallway:

  • The classic interior will complement the console from a tree with elegant legs, polished or carved table top. The color gamut is neutral, natural shades of wood are relevant, as well as the classic black and white gamut. Gilding, patina, metal finishing is appropriate. Optimal shapes - rectangular and semicircular, with a strict geometry and restrained decor. Above the console you should definitely hang a mirror in a classic frame or a picture, focusing attention on these objects.

Dark wood console looks great in the interior of a classic style.

  • For modern styles, such as minimalism, hi-tech or Scandinavian, you should choose a console with a simple geometric shape with a smooth tabletop and a concise design, devoid of frills. Such console tables can be equipped with additional functional compartments. The color scheme is restrained, simple colors, single color. Materials - light wood, chrome, glass, plastic.

Strict clear lines of the console in the modern hallway

  • The hall, decorated in modern style, will add a rich color console with smooth shapes. The table-top can be both semicircular with smooth legs, and rectangular with carved or bent. On the boxes there can be beautiful fittings from various metals, with inlays, pendants, etc. It is worth to add such a console with a high mirror in a spectacular frame. From materials it is better to pay attention to wood, glass and forging. The color scheme is black and white tones, glossy surfaces of bright shades (red, fuchsia, purple, brown).

Forms of furniture set in the hallway emphasize modern sustained modern style

  • For vintage, retro and Provence styles, the console can be selected with textile tapestry inserts, a jacquard cover or with frills along the edges. The color scheme is bright and neutral. Wood, forging, gilding or patinating, painting can be used for decoration.

The smart console from a natural white stone in vintage style

  • Neoclassicism, chebbi-chic and eclecticism in the hallway can be supplemented with a console of the classical form, but with original finish, for example, artificially aged models or painted in non-standard, bright colors. Unusual accessories (crystals, stained glass inserts, decorative cord) and legs of elegant shape will be appropriate. Such consoles should definitely be supplemented with statuettes, decorative lamps or candlesticks, flower arrangements, beautiful jewelry boxes.

Chebbi-chic hall with a beautiful carved mirror frame and an antique narrow table

Tip! Console can become the basis for symmetrical the interior the hallway, if a by sides from her to put the same items (vases, floor lamps, chairs, sculptures).

Wooden console of medium height in the spacious hallway

The console in the hallway. Choosing a color solution

The color of the console for the hallway should be in harmony with the rest of the situation. You should not choose dark options, if the dimensions of the room are small, it is better to stay on light colors, glossy or glass surfaces.

Classic white color will look harmonious in any style.

To refresh the interior of the hallway, you can purchase a console of bright color, which, combined with neutral shades in the decoration, will be beneficial to focus attention on yourself, without dominating due to its modest size.

Expressive bright console with lockers, located almost on the entire wall of the hallway

One of the universal options is considered to be a white console, in the hallway it can be put regardless of the overall color scheme. A white console will revive too dark interior, make it easier. The bright design of the hallway will balance such a console table, make it more harmonious. The design in the pastel range will also be organically supplemented with a white accessory, which will unobtrusively focus attention on itself, serving as the center of the composition. White console looks good in the neoclassical interior, vintage, provence, minimalism, modern.

Colorful accessories blend beautifully with light colored furniture.

Consoles made of wood or veneered are always relevant, they can be of various natural shades or colored, brightly painted. Choose a color solution wooden console is based on the style of the hallway. Natural shades are suitable for traditional interiors, ethnic or eco style, Scandinavian (light colors only), chalets.

Beautiful carved mirror with the console from the same light wood

The console of black color looks very effectively, it can be matte or glossy (polished or varnished), have a “worn” effect. At the same time, black appears as a bright accent, so it is worth balancing the light trim of the walls, 1-2 saturated shades (lemon, fuchsia, red, blue). Black console well complement the hall in the style of loft, modern, minimalism.

Black glossy table for the hallway in the traditional style.

The uniqueness of the console for the hallway is difficult to overestimate, since this piece of furniture makes it possible to realize the most audacious design ideas. You should definitely buy such an accessory for your home, because it will not take up much space, but it will significantly increase the functionality of the hallway and add dynamics, sophistication to it, and help you successfully beat the room style. And if among the whole variety one could not find a suitable model, then the console table can be made independently, decorating it to your taste.

Low functional wooden table with small drawers