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Not just for the kitchen: 12 useful tips on using aluminum foil in everyday life

Not just for the kitchen: 12 useful tips on using aluminum foil in everyday life

As a rule, we use aluminum foil when cooking.

However, it is suitable not only for this.

There are at least 12 options for the practical use of foil that will definitely come in handy in the home.

1. Salvation from the burn

Aluminum foil - rescue number 1.

Unpleasant accidents in the kitchen can happen to anyone. If you accidentally burned, do not rush to the oil - this is fundamentally the wrong decision. It is much more effective to attach a piece of foil to the affected skin with a shiny side inside. It must be held for about 20 minutes. The foil will not only relieve pain, but also relieve inflammation.

2. Protection against pests

Aluminum foil perfectly repels unwanted guests in the garden.

Garden plants require vigilant protection. To protect them from various pests, it is not necessary to use expensive and not very useful chemicals. There is a completely reliable and proven tool - aluminum foil. It is necessary to secure narrow strips on the stems or branches of garden plants. Then beetles, birds, mice, as well as other insects and animals will bypass your garden wealth side.

3. Improved Wi-Fi signal

Strengthen the signal is easy.

Every signalman knows that aluminum foil is also useful in working with electronic devices. For people of other professions, we reveal a secret: using a foil, you can improve the signal of a Wi-Fi router. A rectangular piece with dimensions of about 10 by 15 centimeters should be attached to the back of the router. The shiny side should be inside, and the shape curved.

4. Bringing silver in order

With aluminum foil, jewelry cleaning will be quick and easy.

Not very deep and a small bowl should be wrapped with foil. In a container, pour hot water and add a teaspoon of baking soda and salt, mix a little. Send blackened silver into the mixture. We leave it there for 10-15 minutes, after which we reach and simply rinse under running water. Glitter and color of silver will be perfect!

5. Fighting rust

Who would have thought, but acts with a bang.

Aluminum foil copes with rust in any places. For the method to work, it is necessary to form a lump of it and moisten it in distilled vinegar. Foil just rub the rust.

6. Fresh bananas

With foil, bananas stay fresh much longer.

Bananas are a very tasty and healthy product. But they have one rather unpleasant drawback - they begin to deteriorate and acquire a brownish tint in a day or two after purchase. To avoid this, you can use aluminum foil. With its help, you need to wrap the upper part of the banana peel - this will extend the shelf life at least twice.

7. Sharp scissors

Quick and easy sharpening scissors.

If the scissors are blunt, it is not necessary to use an uncomfortable grindstone, risking cutting your hands. Take a piece of aluminum foil! With him sharpening will be much faster and easier. We fold the foil several times, after which we simply make cuts. Ten times, and the scissors will be cut as good as new.

8. Help in the home permutation

Keep the closet? Easy!

Aluminum foil copes with more difficult tasks. It provides an excellent opportunity to quickly and easily move heavy furniture from one corner of the room to another. But only on the condition that there is a carpet on the floor. To do this, put small pieces of foil under each leg of the furniture. Now it will slide and will not cause inconvenience.

9. Transformation of batteries

AAA battery easily turns into AA.

When buying batteries confused sizes? Or maybe at home were not the ones you need? There is nothing terrible, aluminum foil will come to the rescue. With it, you can easily turn almost any AAA batteries into AA. To make them work, you need to put a small ball of aluminum foil between them and the coil.

10. Clean and shiny dishes

Cast iron will again be as good as new, if you have aluminum foil on hand.

Cast-iron cookware is easily susceptible to various kinds of pollution. Moreover, detergent and water are not particularly effective in combating them. To rub it is necessary long and intensively. But aluminum foil copes much faster. To do this, it is necessary to form a ball from it, which will clean out all the dirt and rust once and twice.