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Transformable furniture for a small apartment: 14 ideas that will significantly save space


Furniture that can perform several functions is the ideal solution for small apartments. At the same time its range is not limited to the usual sofa bed. Modern models of furniture transformers are impressive in their design and practicality.

We are sharing ideas for furniture design that will help you correctly manage the area of ​​a small apartment.

1. Miracle bed

Multifunctional bed.

This unusual bed can replace the whole bedroom. Work and bed, bedside tables, storage systems, lighting ... It has everything that is useful in the bedroom.

2. Workplace by the sofa

Compact workplace.

Compact workplace assembled looks like a coffee table. But if necessary, it turns into a convenient mini-office, which can be located even in the living room.

3. For friendly brothers or sisters

Bed for two children.

If several children grow up in a family, then giving each of them a separate room is an unaffordable luxury for the majority. Therefore, children are located in one obshey room. A bunk transforming bed will help you comfortably accommodate even a small area.


Console table transformer.

For small rooms, the problem of placing a dining table is more than relevant. The folding table-transformer will help to solve it. When folded, it serves as a decorative console, which will be appropriate not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room.

5. Flying bed

Bed with storage systems.

A bed that simultaneously serves as a storage system will come in handy in a small bedroom. A convenient folding system allows you to easily get things, even hidden in distant boxes.

6. Two in one

Serving table and tray.

The transformation mechanism, ingenious in its simplicity, is simply to turn the serving table upside down, turning it into a tray. Such furniture is useful in each apartment.

7. Workplace ... on the wall

Folding workplace.

The drawer on the wall at first glance looks like a hanging storage system. But when unfolded, it turns into a compact but comfortable workplace. It has everything for productive labor.

8. Sofa bed in a new way.

Sofa transformer.

This sofa bed not only performs the functions of two types of beds, but also turns into a furniture wall. Its important advantage is an aesthetic appearance that can decorate any interior.

9. Coffee table capable of more

Unusual coffee table.

The height of the table, if necessary, may vary. Thus, it turns from a journal into a dining or vice versa.

10. Minibar that is hard to find.

Hidden mini bar.

A mini-bar hidden in the armrest of a sofa is a great idea for friendly gatherings. With such multifunctional furniture, there is no need for a coffee table.

11. Room on a pair of square meters

Furniture that can replace the room.

The whole room can accommodate a minimum area. Such furniture-transformer - the best proof of this.

12. Multi-tiered table

Roomy coffee table.

Making full use of the space under the coffee table is a great idea for those who suffer from a lack of space. Under the tabletop are several storage systems where the necessary stuff is placed.

13. Compact dining area

Folding table with chairs.

Chairs in the kitchen often occupy no less area than the table. A suitable solution is a table of unusual shape, under which the chairs are completely hidden.

14. Both useful and beautiful

Unusual mirror.

The mirror in this case is not only the decor, but also the functional part of the interior. After all, if necessary, it turns into a concise table.