Useful ideas

16 tricks that should be noted by all dog owners


We are responsible for those who have tamed. Dogs in this regard is no exception.

So in the new review 16 small but incredibly useful tricks were collected at once, which should be noted by everyone.

Happy viewing and hope that these tips will be helpful.

1. Bath amenities

The container for bath accessories.

Shampoos, flea drops, combs, toothbrushes and other dog hygiene items should be stored in a single container to avoid confusion and always control residues. A can of biscuits or an ordinary plastic container is perfect for storing such things.

2. Entertaining toy

Homemade toy.

From a half-liter bottle of water and an unnecessary sock, you can make an entertaining toy that will undoubtedly please the dog, regardless of its size and breed. Simply, cut off the nose of the sock, place a bottle in it and tie it tightly like a candy.

3. Feed Container

Special feed container.

Dog food should not be stored in a bag, but in a special container with a lid. Best of all for these purposes fit a large can, bucket or ceramic container in which the feed will not be exhausted.

4. Hooks for leads

Hooks for dog leashes.

So that the dog leashes are not confused and were always at hand, equip for them special hooks. They can be hung at the door in the hallway or in the pantry, there you can also place a dog towel hook and a container with treats.

5. Rope with a surprise

A toy with a secret.

If the dog does not tolerate loneliness and often spoils things, make for her a special toy that will take a pet for a while. To do this, you will need a rope that you can buy at a hardware or construction store and any delicacy. Carefully wrap the dainty rope and offer the resulting ball to your four-legged friend. The smell of delicacy, of course, will interest the dog, and she will enthusiastically unravel the puzzle.

Cleaning the carpet from urine.

There are situations when a pet for some reason could not wait for a walk and ran a small need right on the carpet or upholstered furniture. Simple and very affordable products such as soda and vinegar will help eliminate the traces of this trouble. First you need to dilute the vinegar in water in proportions 1: 4, soak the contaminated area with the resulting liquid, and after 20-30 minutes, wipe dry. After that, the damaged area should be filled with soda and cover with a plate or lid. After that, you can rub the soda using a coarse brush and collect the rest of it with a vacuum cleaner.

7. Fighting wool

Cleaning clothes and furniture from wool.

All pet owners suffer from wool that clings to virtually everything. However, in order to clean clothes and furniture, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive products, as you can remove wool from fabric surfaces with the help of an ordinary rubber glove. Just put it on your hand, lightly wet it and walk on contaminated surfaces.

8. Stylish detail

Stylish collar for dogs.

You can make a stylish decoration for your four-legged friend from an old shirt. Simply cut off the collar of your unnecessary or your children's shirt and put it on the dog's neck.

9. Fresh breath

Food with parsley for breath freshness.

Add a little parsley to your dog food to keep your pet's breath fresh.

10. Teeth care

Care for dog teeth.

Dog teeth, like human, need regular care. To do this, pet shops sell special pastes and brushes. However, most dogs do not like this procedure and it turns into a real problem for their owners. If you cannot brush your teeth with a brush, apply a little toothpaste on a rubber toy and have the dog take it away. During the game, a certain amount of paste gets into the dog's mouth.

11. Water treatment

Ear and eye protection.

Use a shower cap while swimming to protect the ears and eyes of a four-legged pet from water and soap.

12. Puzzle toy

Dainty bottles.

From boards and plastic bottles filled with food or special treats, you can make a wonderful toy that will entertain your pet, make the dog think and get food for themselves.

13. Balsam for paws

Homemade balm for paws.

Paw pads require care and hydration no less than human feet. It is especially important to care for dog paws during the period of winter frosts and summer heat. To do this, you can independently prepare a very budget and effective tool. To prepare this product in a water bath, you need to melt half a cup of natural wax, add a quarter cup of coconut and the same amount of olive oil. For a better soothing and moisturizing effect, you can also add two spoons of Shea butter and 10 drops of vitamin E. Mix all the ingredients well, put them in a container and leave to freeze.

14. Address Book

Homemade adresnik.

So that the four-legged friend does not accidentally get lost, attach a special address box with your contact information to his collar. Such a thing can be purchased or made independently of thin plastic, a piece of paper and scotch.

15. Car hammock

Hammock for travel.

So that the dog feels comfortable on the road, does not interfere with the driver and does not dirty the seat of the car, its owners should acquire a special road hammock, which can be purchased at a specialty store or sew to order from thick fabric.

16. Prevention of escape

Life hacking for picnics.

To prevent the dogs from escaping or getting lost, resting with the owners in the forest at a picnic or being in the country, pull along a clearing and secure a strong cable to the trunks of the trees, to which dog leashes can be attached to the carabiner. Such a trick will allow four-legged pets to move, but will not allow out of sight.