Useful ideas

20 cool things for the kitchen, which are welcome in every home


And on weekdays, and holidays in the kitchen rages activity. Something is cooked, fried, cut and baked.

And it is so nice when wonderful gadgets help us in culinary works.

We suggest all owners to take note of new useful inventions that will soon become irreplaceable.

"Compass" for the test

Perfect circle of dough. What could be simpler when you have such a convenient thing in your household? Any diameter in seconds.

Blender without electricity

This assistant is economical, convenient and independent. He is ready to grind everything that is needed, both in nature and at home. Perhaps this is the most suitable gadget for cooking by candlelight!

Stand for eggs "UFO"

No, no, this is not an alien landing station. Just in families where they love soft-boiled eggs, such a gadget always appears on the table during breakfast.

Clip with notes

These clips are indispensable in the kitchen. They can write and erase different marks. Packages in the refrigerator or locker will now be entirely under your control.

Mobile shelf for the refrigerator

Even in a large refrigerator, there is often not enough space. This is especially felt during the holidays. It is for such cases that invented hinged containers that can be put on existing shelves. Now you can afford more fruits, vegetables, cheese and other delicious stocks!

Case for vegetables and fruits

This set is indispensable in the economy. Five elastic cases of different sizes will be useful for storing lemons, tomatoes or onions remaining after cooking. And they can also be used as covers for cans and small round containers.

Home mini plantation

They say that soon this new invention will delight lovers of fresh greenery in the cities. The compact and easy-to-use wonder plantation works on the basis of an LED-lamp without the sun and the soil. You just need to insert a cartridge with sprouts and water them in time.

Foldable double boiler

A dish of steamed vegetables will be doubly useful! Folding double boiler will help you with this. In addition, its spring color will bring a positive to each kitchen.

Salad bowl "Avocado"

When the table is laid, I want to preserve the freshness of the salad until the guests arrive. In addition, this feed will help keep the intrigue. And everyone will look forward to a pleasant surprise.

Perfectionist boards

With these devices, the usual cutting turns into a whole art. You can gently cook with a tablet, distribute chopped vegetables. With such a board it is easy to achieve perfection in creating your favorite salads.

Universal Peeler

This is a peeler with 3 blades rotating in a round case. You choose what you need: standard, for cutting vegetables into strips or cloves. There is even a special blade for removing the "eyes" from the potato.

Portable tile, heating food on command

Did you just wake up and want the cooker to start cooking breakfast? Then give the command from your smartphone, and the induction mini-tile will begin to heat the food. By the way, this portable device will help you out anywhere.

Oil dispenser

Need a lot of oil or a little bit? Choose your desired jet thickness using this bottle nozzle. And no more exclamations "Oh, melted!"

Clever ice cream spoon

ScoopThat makes laying ice cream in ice-cream bowls or waffle cups a real pleasure. Everything is thought out: the ice cream in the spoon does not melt, but it is easily separated from the mass. At the same time, the scoop is heated without batteries and electricity - with the help of a bi-liquid container mounted in the handle.

Convenient chopper for potatoes

This chopper is happy to work for you. Just put the potatoes and click. Stainless steel blades for precise cutting. Ready "straws" or "cubes" will be assembled together in a container.

Pancake handle

Cooking pancakes in one instant. Mixed ingredients, with a slight movement of the hand "drew" pancakes. One, two, three ... And served on the table!

Useful holders for every occasion.

Need to support a lid or spoon? Then these funny gadgets rush to your rescue. In addition, these inventions will cheer up both the hosts and guests.

Serving gadget

It turns out that the kit for oil, pepper and salt can be so original and convenient to use. And the house for toothpicks is a really great investment in real estate.

Microwave tower

Your ingenious heater keeps the necessary condition of pizza, warm salad and other dishes. In hermetic compartments, the food will be in a “perfect standby” mode. With the help of the gadget you can warm up any dish.

Shovel "Smile"

Experienced chefs know that real masterpieces are prepared in a good mood. This cute blade is created precisely in order that the result would exceed all expectations.