Useful ideas

Exciting ideas on how to properly arrange a cozy corner by the window for relaxing and reading


Attention readers a small overview, which was collected several amazing examples of how you can arrange a corner in his house, located near the window.

Definitely, the advice gathered here will be useful to every owner, which means they should be adopted.

1. Cozy niche

A place to relax in a dressing room niche.

Stylish place to relax, equipped in a wooden niche with a stylish modern dressing room.

2. Soft windowsill

Padded window sill with drawers.

Soft low windowsill with drawer cabinets for storing clothes and bed linen will be a beautiful and practical detail of a small bedroom.

3. Ascetic design

Soft bench at a large window.

An ascetic soft bench, located by a large window with a stunning view, will be a wonderful place for creativity, reflection and reading.

4. Asian style

Rest area in the bay window.

A charming sitting area with a small Asian-style couch, equipped in a bay window.

5. Comfort zone

Place to relax in the interior of the kitchen.

Compact soft bench for rest, located in the kitchen by the window.

6. Big company

Sofas at the window for a large company.

Charming white sofas, located at the semicircular window in the living room, will be a favorite place for family gatherings and reception.

7. Rustik

Wooden sofa by the window.

A massive wooden couch by the window that fits perfectly into the interior of a country house and will become a comfortable place to read or sleep.

8. Solitude

Soft window sill behind the curtains.

A small soft window sill, which can be separated from the common space with thick curtains.

9. Dazzling whiteness

Recreation area in the attic bedroom.

Stunning sofa by the window, which has become a spectacular addition to the snow-white attic bedroom.

10. Scandinavian style

Soft windowsill for relaxing in the Scandinavian style.

A cozy window-sill upholstered in soft fabric will be a wonderful place for relaxation and a stylish detail of a bright Scandinavian-style interior.

11. Country Style

A secluded place to relax by the window.

A cozy place by the window with a simple wooden bench, covered with a soft cloth, located in the corner of a wooden house.

12. The magic of the tree

Recreation area with arch.

Cozy high place for recreation, hidden behind the original wooden arch will be a favorite place for secluded relaxation and reading.

13. Elegant solution

Upholstered sofa on the stairs by the window.

Elegant sofa on the steps of a large window, which is suitable for receiving guests and for a relaxing stay in the company of your favorite book.

14. Modern

Soft wide window sill for reading.

Stylish wide windowsill, made in bright colors, will be an ideal place to relax and the original detail of any modern space.

15. Paradise of the book lover

Tiny couch on the balcony.

A tiny built-in bench in the interior of a narrow loggia is perhaps the best solution for those who appreciate comfort and privacy.

16. Nook

A nook for relaxing by the window.

A small bench, built at a small window, will be a great solution for a small apartment and a cozy place to relax during the daytime.

17. The embodiment of glamor

Semicircular sofa by the window.

The original semicircular sofa, hidden by the window between two closets, will become a real highlight of any space.

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