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11 reasons not to throw away old socks, but to use them for home

Very often people just throw out old socks: not everyone is ready to put on darned clothes.

The same happens when the sock is left without a pair. You should not do this, because these small pieces of clothing can still serve.

They can be used with great productivity in the household.

1. Convenient heating pad in one minute

From a sock and salt the hot-water bottle will turn out.

Sometimes doctors advise the use of dry heat, for example, with myositis. To quickly make a heating pad, use an old sock. Fill it with rice or plain salt, tie it well and put it in the microwave. It is enough to turn on the unit for one minute, and you have an excellent heater that you can immediately use. Wrap the sock with a clean cotton cloth and attach it to the problem area. You will feel how pleasant warmth heals you.

2. Take care of your nails - no longer otkovyrivat ice

So that the wipers are not icy, warm them with socks.

Cold weather brings motorists a variety of excitement. For example, the snow-covered windshield with ice-covered wipers. Brrr. This can be easily corrected: just put a pair of old terry socks in the glove compartment. In the evening, before leaving the car for the night, put the socks on the wiper blades. Even if there is a heavy snowfall at night or frost hits, the brushes do not freeze to the glass, there is no crust of ice on them, and it will be much easier to put the car in order.

3. Wash the car

From the sock you get a good cloth for washing the car.

Another trick for car owners. Turn an old sock into a comfortable sponge. You can put a sock on your hand or make a tool for washing by placing several socks in one, the biggest. Using such a sponge you can easily clean the hard-to-reach places, and if you wish, you can wash it in the washing machine. Put a plastic container in the garage, and put into it socks that have become unusable. You will be surprised how convenient it is.

4. Furniture in socks

Furniture in the socks will not scratch the floor.

During the rearrangement of furniture very often there are ugly scratches on the floor. It is very sad when a new parquet or laminate deteriorates. There is a trick that allows you to drag sofas and cabinets without damage to the flooring. Put a sock on each leg before moving tables, chairs or couches along the floor. This trick will help you save the floor and make work easier.

5. Pleasant aroma in the closet, in the car, in the room

You can make air fragrances from socks.

When people do not like the smell in the room, in the car or in the wardrobe, they use fragrances. But they have to spend money, and the perfumes there are mostly chemical. From the old sock you can make a natural air freshener. Simply put dry herbs or flowers in it or drip some essential oil. Lemon or lavender will do. It is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to a purchased freshener that emits an unnatural chemical smell.

6. Comfortable cloth

A convenient rag for cleaning from an old sock.

From the old sock you can make a very comfortable rag for cleaning. Just pull it over your arm! In this case, you do not have to constantly hold a rag, it will be on your palm all the time. It is best to use a tight terry sock. So, spray with a cleaner in one hand, sock - on the other, and you can start a quick cleaning. Do not forget to rotate the sock as it gets dirty. By the way, such a rag can simply be washed, and it is again ready for use.

7. Your cat will no longer sneeze.

From old long socks you get a great “anti-draft”.

If you are annoyed by an unpleasant draft from under the door, from which your favorite cat's legs are cold and catches cold, use old socks or socks. Take a few long socks, pour in them any suitable filler: it can be buckwheat hulls, polyester balls, plain sand, that is, anything. When socks are obtained from tight sausages, connect them together so that the length is equal to the width of the doorway. That's all, it remains only to put a homemade "anti-draft" in front of the problematic door.

8. Peculiar safe

In socks you can keep money and jewelry.

Where to put your favorite necklace or a wad of money while traveling so that they do not fall apart in a suitcase or be stolen from a hotel room? Hide them in the old sock. Even leaving such a "wallet" in sight, you can not worry about the safety of values. It is unlikely that someone would think to dig into someone else's old laundry. The main thing, do not forget, where you hid your valuable things.

9. Glitter and Shine

Terry sock to help polish shoes.

With the help of an old sock, you can quickly polish silver or shine a pair of shoes. In this case, a cotton sock is best - it is soft, but at the same time dense. Gentle fibers will not leave scratches. Put on a sock a little detergent that you usually use. If there is nothing suitable at hand, you can only use a sock.

10. We collect small items from the floor

Sock on the vacuum cleaner hose - it is easier to collect small items.

If you accidentally tore your favorite necklace and now the whole floor is covered with tiny beads, an old sock will help you to collect them. Take out the vacuum cleaner, put the toe on the end of the hose and secure it with a rubber band or other means. As soon as you turn on the vacuum cleaner, beads or other small items that you need to collect from the floor will stick to the toe, and not sucked into the vacuum cleaner. After you only need to substitute some capacity and turn off the unit. The beads will immediately fall into a plate or plastic container.

11. Assistance in washing and drying clothes

Tennis ball is needed not only for the game.

Pets love to play ball. The owners buy them toys in pet stores, and some use regular tennis balls for this purpose. However, using the old sock and the ball for tennis can be made not only a toy for the Ball or Murka, but a useful accessory for drying clothes. Put the ball in the sock and throw it in the dryer. You will notice that your laundry will dry faster and more efficiently. The movement of the ball prevents clothing from sticking together and ensures that larger items, such as duvets, will be well stretched and fluffed. And many housewives put the ball in a sock in the washing machine when washing down jackets. This prevents churning of the filler into clumps.