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Whitening yellowed plastic frames


To return the original whiteness to the plastic surfaces of the windows, you can use various means. This can be a regular soap solution or a professional industrial cleaner. Next, we will consider what is possible, and what is absolutely impossible to clean PVC windows.

Unfortunately, the whiteness of plastic windows is not eternal. Soon after installation, you can see that the color of plastic becomes yellow. There may be many reasons for this:

  1. The color may change if you have a poor quality window installed. Perhaps, in the production of the profile was broken technology. The composition of the plastic from which PVC windows are made includes many components designed to be responsible for durability and color retention. One of these substances is titanium dioxide, which gives the plastic a white color. In addition, as part of the PVC there are special stabilizers. They are needed in order to protect the profile from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is thanks to these stabilizers that plastic does not turn yellow and does not fade under the rays of sunlight. If we take low-quality raw materials for the manufacture of the window, then after 3 - 4 years the plastic window sill and the frames will begin to change their color.

  2. Adverse weather conditions also adversely affect the color and integrity of plastic windows. Due to sudden changes in temperature, polymer properties may change. As a result, it can not only turn yellow, but also crack. This usually happens with cheap windows made of low-quality raw materials.
  3. The most common color change are windows installed in the kitchen. On them the soot from the burned food settles. Since the kitchen has an extractor, it is often there that a smoking area is arranged. Then the cigarette smoke also settles on the plastic. These contaminants are amenable to cleaning; they can be handled with ordinary soapy water.
  4. If PVC windows are not properly cared for, they can change their color. In no case can not clean the plastic with strong abrasives or substances containing acid or caustic alkali. Using them may damage the surface, the gloss will disappear and the color of the plastic will turn yellow.

To make your window white again, use one of the following methods:

  1. For cleaning, prepare a soap solution using tools such as dishwashing liquid, regular laundry detergent, or soap. These substances will not harm the plastic coating. In addition, you will need a sponge or soft cloth, the best microfiber. Dissolve the selected detergent in water, apply it with a sponge to the surface and rub, paying special attention to the most contaminated areas. Use clean water and a cloth to wash away residues and dirt. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can apply the cleaning solution again and leave it for 30 minutes. In this way, you can get rid of such contaminants as soot, yellow cigarette smoke stains, greasy deposits and others.
  2. Plastic windowsills can be cleaned with the help of such means as ammonia or medical alcohol, liquid bleach, hydrogen peroxide. Take a clean cloth and moisten it in the chosen tool. Walk on all the plastic surfaces of your window, and then remove the residue with a damp cloth. Using liquid ammonia, you can even get rid of mold on the windows, if any.
  3. Another means by which you can return the white color of the plastic is a mixture of powdered bleach with perhydrol (these substances will need one tablespoon). Dissolve them in 500 grams of cold water, and then apply to the surface of your window sill. Carefully rub all contaminated areas and rinse off with clean water and a rag. If necessary, actions can be repeated.

Despite the fact that all these methods are safe for PVC windows, it is still better to test the chosen detergent in some small and not too noticeable area before work.

Plastic windows can be put in order, using household chemicals. In the hardware stores you can find several types of such funds.

1. "Fenozol" is a whole set for cleaning and care of plastic windows. The means entering into it, possess antibacterial action. They are able to remove static electricity, which contributes to less dust accumulation, does not cause irritation when it comes into contact with the skin of hands, and are made of biodegradable materials.

For preventive purposes, "Fenozol" should be used twice a year. So you can maintain the whiteness of your windows, as well as keep in perfect order rubber seals and accessories. Means included in the set:

  • FENOSOL (volume 100 ml) - a tool designed to care for PVC and aluminum profiles. There are no abrasives in its composition. FENOSOL has an antistatic effect. Detergent is applied to plastic surfaces, rubbed a little, and then washed off with a clean, damp cloth.
  • FENOFLEX (volume 50 ml) - care product for seals. Heat and sound insulation of your windows depend on them. Regular maintenance in the form of a lubricant in spring and autumn will help to prolong their service life.
  • FENOSOL (volume 20 ml) - grease designed to take care of window fittings. It protects metal parts from premature corrosion, allows you to maintain the mobility of mechanisms. This product is odorless, does not contain acids and resins.

2. Another tool that can be used for plastic windows - "COSMOFEN 20". This cleaner is quite aggressive, it removes complex dirt and yellowness, while destroying a thin layer of plastic. There are several types of such agents; they differ in the degree of their impact on the surface. The smaller the number indicated after the name, the more aggressive the substance. For example, "COSMOFEN 5" is a very strong solvent. It can only be used to remove various damage from a plastic surface (such as scratches or small cracks). In order to return the plastic white color, you need to choose a solvent with the number 20 and use it no more than once, maximum two times a year. In addition to this tool, plastic coatings can be treated with solvents such as “White alcohol” or “Defender 30504”.

Before applying the selected cleaner, the window must be thoroughly cleaned (use a soap solution for this).

Even if industrial means did not help in the fight against the yellowed profile, it will be possible to put the window in order by means of painting. Use a special paint that is produced for plastic coatings. Nitrocolors or autoenamels are also suitable.

This gel is very effective. It is designed to clean various plastic surfaces, suitable for both PVC window frames and window sills, and for office equipment. Gel "Retrobright" is able to cope with the stubborn pollution, so it can be used to clean old windows.

In order to prepare this tool, you will need:

  • Industrial detergent Vanish OXI Action.
  • 100 grams of hydrogen peroxide (concentration 32%). You cannot buy this drug at a regular pharmacy. Look for it in stores that sell various chemicals. In a pinch, 32% peroxide can be ordered online.
  • 200 grams of water.
  • 4 teaspoons of starch (you can take potato or corn).
  • Small dishes, a jar, not a metal spoon.
  • In the process of cleaning the windows, you will need food film and scotch tape.

Before you start preparing the gel, wear rubber household gloves to avoid chemical burns from concentrated peroxide.

Gel preparation process:

  1. Dissolve ¼ tsp of Vanish OXI Action in 25 ml of warm water.
  2. In 100 grams of cold water, dilute all the starch, then pour it into a dipper with hot water (75 grams).
  3. On medium heat, stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a state of semolina. After that, put it in a glass jar.
  4. Add hydrogen peroxide and mix thoroughly.
  5. Lastly, Vanish diluted with water intervenes in the mixture. The gel is ready.

To clean the plastic parts of the window with the prepared gel, you need to apply it with a brush and cover with a cling film on top. If you clean the vertical surface, the film will have to be fixed with tape. This is necessary because the gel exposure time is about 12 hours, and the applied composition should be protected from drying out. This product does not tolerate exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it should be applied to the windows in the evening and left on all night.

Yellowed plastic profiles spoils the look of even the tidiest room. Therefore, it is necessary to choose quality windows and regularly take care of them.