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20 unique modern coffee tables that will attract the attention of guests


In the new review, two dozen truly unique, unique tables for the living room were collected, each of which will become not just a decoration of the room, but also an object of attention from guests.

Among the options presented, you can find tables, as in a fairly classic version, and very "bold" options for furniture.

1. A table with a metal base

Classic wooden table with a metal base in the interior of the living room.

2. Coffee table

Modern coffee table is increasingly used as a stand for jewelry or flowers.

3. "Turquoise Ocean"

Unusual wooden table, which combines light wood and ocean-colored glass.

4. Coffee table library

Coffee table in the style of high-tech technology for true intellectuals and reading lovers.

5. Wooden veneer table

Coffee table from planed veneer, which is produced from precious woods.

6. "Wave City Table"

The original designer table from Mousarris in the style of neorealism.

7. Coffee table made of wood and glass

The combination of wood and glass made it possible to create an unusual coffee table.

8. Modern coffee table

Modern design of the coffee table, which is created from solid wood.

9. Coffee table of bars

Coffee table of simple wooden bars and metal legs in the living room.

10. Festive atmosphere

Budget and very original table for a modern living room.

11. A small table-aquarium with their own hands

The original coffee table-aquarium, which can be made by hand.

12. The hearth in the center of the coffee table

Coffee table-biofireplace, which heats the room due to the energy of biofuels.

13. Snag as bases for coffee table

Magnificent coffee table made of large, processed snags.

14. Hi-tech table

Modern coffee table in the interior - a multifunctional and versatile item.

15. Table - a mandatory attribute of a modern living room

In the classic interior of the living room can not do without a small coffee table made of wood and glass.

16. A table from an old suitcase

A coffee table from a vintage suitcase is an exclusive detail that will become a real highlight of any living room.

17. Table for lovers of the classics

Multifunctional coffee table, which will appeal to lovers of modern classics.

18. Wire table base

Coffee frame for the coffee table - a budget and original idea.

19. Coffee table made of cast iron battery

The basis for the coffee table can be an old cast-iron radiator.

20. Antique style table

Classic wooden coffee table-clock in antique style.