Useful ideas

What to make from the remnants of wallpaper?

When the repair is over, and you still want to add something new and unusual to the interior, the remnants of wallpaper will come to the rescue. Surprisingly, but to make a new and interesting art object out of wallpaper remnants is not so difficult, just connect a fantasy.

Some of the examples below will help in this creative endeavor.

  • A bookcase, pantry or an open cabinet for small things - in the blink of an eye, will turn from nothing remarkable objects, into special and unique ones. It is enough to choose a wallpaper with a contrasting pattern or with a clear geometric pattern. You can glue as the rear walls and shelves. Glued shelves must be covered with several layers of varnish.

  • Make a new shade from the remnants of the wallpaper, it may sound amazing. But, if you look at the photo, it all depends on the right choice of color and pattern. The resulting lampshade must be sprayed with varnish to protect against scratches and dust.

  • An old stool or table, can gain a “second youth”, thanks to all the same cuts from the remnants of wallpaper. To make the coating look great and serve for a long time, it is necessary to sand the surface before pasting the wallpaper. If there are deep scratches or bumps, you need to use wood putty, after applying and leveling - sand it off. Now you can apply wallpaper glue and stick wallpaper. After drying, the wallpaper is covered with several layers of varnish.

  • From the remnants of wallpaper with a graphic pattern, an excellent background is obtained for the risers. Looks great solution in country houses.

  • What to make from the remnants of wallpaper, if you glue the surface in the plans are not included? Beautiful insert from the wallpaper with a picture, decorate any box, at home or at work.

  • The old screen will serve you again, it is enough to update the inserts. Cloth screen provides a wide field for experimentation. You can work on contrasts, apply the “domino principle” or paste the inserts in the color of the main wallpaper, and paint the frame in the opposite color.

  • Scenic wallpaper inserted in a thin frame will decorate the wall and update the interior.

  • A small folding table will become a bright accessory of your interior, if you stick on it the remnants of wallpaper with a bright pattern.

  • To update the entire interior, it is enough to change the color of one wall; for this, a roll of wallpaper remaining from the repair is quite useful.

  • If the old refrigerator depresses its appearance - it is not necessary to paint it with paint, you can use the remnants of wallpaper. After pasting, be sure to cover the surface with several layers of varnish.

  • From the remnants of the wallpaper you can also make coasters, trays for dishes, gift wrapping and decoration of paintings.