Useful ideas

20 delightful balcony landscaping ideas that will surprise guests and neighbors


Improve the balcony in many ways.

It is best to do this by adding a little green. If it is not clear where to start, then look at the traditional review on interior issues.

1. Outdoor garden landscaping

The most popular option is gardening a small open-air balcony.

2. Suspended pots

The real idea to help green and transform a small balcony in the summer cottage.

3. Ornamental garden

A small artificial garden on the balcony will create an amazing atmosphere of comfort.

4. Lush vegetation

Ugly balcony can cover the unusual and lush vegetation.

5. Abundance of indoor flowers

Modern open-air balcony with an abundance of perennial flowers and plants.

6. Bright landscaping of the balcony

Landscaping a balcony is a great way to make yourself able to enjoy the scent of flowers and plants.

7. Petunias of Surfinia

Flowers and plants can perfectly complement the interior of a small balcony.

8. Bright outdoor landscaping

Old open balcony can be decorated with bright perennial flowers.

9. Compact garden on the balcony

Compact garden can be placed even in a small area.

10. Vertical gardening

For a small balcony an effective solution would be to use vertical gardening.

11. Great place to stay.

Vertical gardening of a modern balcony should be planned no less carefully than the interior of other rooms.

12. Climbers and flowers

For gardening the balcony is best to use unpretentious perennial climbers.

13. Stands for pot plants

Old wooden boxes can be used as stands for small potted flowers.

14. Garden landscaping in the summer

Proper gardening of the balcony in summer is an important component of creating coziness and comfort in a city apartment.

15. The classic solution for an open balcony

Outside landscaping of the balcony will hide coarse metal structures.

16. A simple but effective solution.

Traditional outdoor garden landscaping, which has recently become more and more popular.

17. Pots of unusual shape

Modern flower pots on the balcony railings and fences.

18. Wildflowers

Even a small amount of wildflowers can freshen up the space on the balcony.

19. Frame for vertical gardening

Metal frame for vertical gardening small loggia.

20. Japanese Garden

Small decorative garden in the Japanese style, which immediately attract the attention of guests.