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How to quickly defrost a refrigerator: effective ways, lifehacks and tips

The times when small pot-bellied refrigerators were popular went into the distant past.

Today, this area is constantly being improved and updated, so a large number of modern products appear.

However, the problem of defrosting a refrigerator is still relevant today.

Defrosting the refrigerator is a mandatory procedure.

What to look for?

Whatever your main kitchen unit, it has one way to defrost it, and you should pay special attention to it. In this matter, there are no strict rules, and the first thing to be taken into account is to prevent the occurrence of ice.

Important! Refrigerators made according to the old type and pattern require more frequent defrosting, the frequency is once a month. If we are talking about modern devices endowed with progressive systems, the use of one on-duty defrosting every six months will be relevant.

Why does ice appear?

It is formed due to the fact that warm air enters the chamber during the opening of the door. If you notice an excessively rapid buildup of icy sludge, this not only prevents access to the products, but also forces the compressor to operate in an enhanced mode.

Snow-white frost

As a result, the electricity bill increases, and the refrigerator itself gradually wears out. Following the step-by-step instructions, which will be discussed later, you can easily defrost a refrigerator and do it correctly and quickly.

8 simple steps to the result

Important! In order for your kitchen unit to be defrosted quickly and efficiently, you must strictly follow the step by step instructions.

Stage one - temperature regulation

It is necessary to adjust the temperature to zero degrees, and then disconnect from the power supply and open the door wide open. If there are as many as two compressors in the device, the principle of operation remains the same, the only difference is in the successive defrosting of the chambers.

Temperature Regulator

Stage Two - Food Removal

It is good if you have planned this event in advance and efficiently, so that there are no products in the refrigerator that quickly deteriorate. If this does not work out, you should take them out to the balcony or put them in a dark, cool place for the sake of safety. In addition, it is necessary to pull out from the refrigerator all containers with grids.

It is better to take care of the withdrawal of products.

Stage Three - Laying Towels

If there is no tank that serves to drain the melt liquid, it is worth putting towels. A pallet is sent to the bottom shelf. This measure is relevant for old models of refrigerators; in modern technical devices, water is drained into a sump.

Use water absorbent fabrics.

Stage Four - Waiting for the Defrosting Process

This is a simple exercise because the natural process of ice melting occurs. It may take 3-10 hours to flow through; it all depends on the thickness of the ice crust.

Defrosting time can be spent on cleaning the internal shelves and containers.

For defrosting it is best to use the traditional method. In general, there are several options for action:

  1. put a hot water bottle in the chamber, in which there is hot water;
  2. put a plate, and on top - a pot of boiling water;
  3. fill the spray liquid with hot liquid and start spraying;
  4. put the heater, directing air to the freezer;
  5. use a hairdryer;
  6. apply a wet cloth to wipe the ice.

Act consistently, and you will end up with a wonderful, most optimal result.

Stage Five - removal of melt water

It's simple: you need to remove the water, which had time to thaw, and all this is done with an ordinary rag.

Use detergent for easy removal.

Stage Six - Clean the Cameras

In addition to cleaning the camera, you need to do more shelves, containers, gratings and other "accessories".

All that is removed from the refrigerator, it is better to wash under running water

Seventh stage - drying the tank

Use a rag to dry the walls of the refrigerator to prevent the formation of ice. Next, you just have to wipe the floor - the space near the refrigerator.

Stage Eight - Final Stage

Turn on the unit and wait until the chamber temperature drops to a normal value. It will take about half an hour. We can assume that the whole process is completed, it remains only to fill the refrigerator with products and enjoy its quiet uninterrupted work.

The required temperature will be restored after some time.

Basic rules you need to know

In order for the process to go quickly and please you with the optimal result, you need to follow a few simple conditions.

  1. It is best to plan for defrosting the refrigerator well in advance, rather than spontaneously. So you will be able to get all the products on time and not hurry anywhere.
  2. If natural defrosting is not enough for you and you want to help the process with the help of special warming devices, it is not recommended to send warm air to the "vital" parts of the refrigerator.
  3. If you bought a refrigerator recently and defrost it for the first time, you should carefully read the instructions for it. This will save time and prevent unforeseen situations.

So, we looked at how to freeze the refrigerator. Choose the defrost option, follow the basic rules and recommendations - and achieve optimal results!